San Francisco magician tickles and teaches East Portland kids

See how Magic Dan made a room full of smiles appear at this SE Portland library on a dark and rainy Friday afternoon …

To the surprise of an unsuspecting parent, Magic Dan quiets their ringing cell phone in a most magnetic way.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
The positive attitude emanating from the visitor from San Francisco, performer Magic Dan, made the kids and adults packed in the library activity room at Midland Library seem like a large theater.

“For the past twenty years,” said Magic Dan, “I’ve worked to blend great magic with a whole lot of fun. But more importantly, my performances are filled with positive messages that reinforce the value of education, reading, and self-esteem.”

Second-grader George helps Magic Dan with “The Vanishing Water Trick”.

Four-year-old Noah helps shows Magic Dan he already knows the alphabet, and helps him find missing letter, “B”, after it disappears.

Through the art of stage magic, the performer told East Portland News, he believes that the most important thing he can do is to get kids to embrace reading and feel good about themselves.

Even though the clouds were coming in on this Friday afternoon, not long ago, Magic Dan quickly brightened the room with his broad smile and barrage of jokes. Kids and parents alike were amazed by the magician’s magical stories and tricks.

Magic Dan amazes everyone with the famous “Three Scarf Trick”.

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