Russell church hosts drive to benefit SnowCap

Here’s how this outer East Portland faith group changed their Holiday giving this year, due to COVID-19 concerns …

At their church in the Russell neighborhood, PCUCC Mission and Outreach Team members Connie Cork and Lucile Harden show some of the toiletries and food collected, early in the drive.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

Every year in the past, members of the Parkrose Community United Church of Christ (PCUCC) congregation – which is actually located in the Russell neighborhood – have “adopted” a family in need in their area, for Christmas.

“But, because of COVID-19 we can’t do that this year,” remarked Kim Morey, a member of the PCUCC Mission and Outreach Team.

Event organizer Kim Morey and volunteer Erika Martin show more of their collected goods – yes, including toilet paper.

“The family would give us a list of their needs in their home, and we would purchase them for the family,” Morey told East Portland News. “And, we’d also buy a gift for each family member in the home, including all of their children.”

This year, on December 5, the group decided to host a one-day drive, collecting warm clothing and household goods for SnowCap Community Charities – an organization of which PCUCC is a charter member, Morey pointed out. “So, through SnowCap, we’ll still be able to give the items of greatest need to people who need them the most.”

Volunteers Jerome Harden and Travis Martin show bags and totes of warm clothing and mittens, collected by the group that day.

“We have hats and gloves, winter care items, toiletries like shampoo and toothpaste – and yes, we have quite a bit of toilet paper to give,” enumerated Morey. “Oh, yes, we’ve got laundry soap, dish soap, and hand soap, as well.”

With that, the six volunteers continued sorting merchandise, and readied to receive even  more from generous donors.

Find out more about Parkrose Community United Church of Christ at their website: CLICK HERE.

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