Royal Rosarians dedicate “Avenue of Roses”, Joann Superstore ribbon cut

Published March 24, 2006 ~ By David F. Ashton


Leaders from all of the neighborhoods that border 82nd Avenue of Roses gather for the event. Photo by David F. Ashton

A light mist in the air didn‚Äôt stop 100 neighbors, business people and rose lovers from attending the Royal Rosarians‚Äô official recognition of 82nd Ave. being renamed “The Avenue of Roses” on March 22.

Joann Superstore Ribbon Cutting

Flanked by the Royal Rosarians, neighbors and chamber members, Portland City Commissioner Sam Adams and East Portland Chamber of Commerce president Greg Zuffrea cut the ribbon signaling the opening of the new Joann Superstore at Eastport Plaza. Photo by David F. Ashton

The dedication was held at Eastport Plaza, in conjunction with the ribbon-cutting of the new Joann Superstore opening there. At the store opening, Portland City Commissioner Sam Adams quipped, “My mom has been hoping for a new Joann‚Äôs here for so long, I gave her the manager‚Äôs number to call to find out when it would open.”

Adams continued, “This is a great company; you will be a success here. Thank you for your investment, and the jobs you are bringing to SE Portland.”

“We are pleased to be here,” Kevin Kneeshaw, Joann Regional Team Leader responded, “helping with the revitalization of the area. I did the easy part, siting the store here. But we have a great staff who got this store together to the community. As the store grows, we‚Äôll hire even more than our current 54 coworkers.”


Members of the East Portland Chamber of Commerce (, including president Greg Zuffrea, were on hand. The Chamber’s Holly Moss handed off the giant Golden scissors to Sam Adams and Zuffrea, photos were taken ‚Äì and the ribbon cut ‚Äì signaling the opening of this great new store.

Another rose in East Portland grows

At the Royal Rosarian‚Äôs official ceremony dedicating 82nd Ave. as the “Avenue of Roses” on March 22, Eastport Plaza manager Ken Turner, Portland City Commissioner Sam Adams, Marilyn Schultz, Royal Gardener of the Royal Rosarians plant the rose “We Salute You” as Eileen Curtis, Portland Rose Society, is ready to perform the official watering. Photo by David F. Ashton

The rose planting ceremony, presided over by Harvey Collier, Lord High Sheriff of the Rosarians, gave many their first opportunity to witness the dignified service.

“At the express command of Queen Caitlin,” Collier intoned, “it is our duty to present and plant this official rose today for the official dedication of 82nd Avenue being renamed the Avenue of Roses; and on behalf of Joann Superstore, and their decision to plant their business here on the newly named Avenue of Roses.”

Royal Rosarian Chaplain and Scribe, John Creegan, told the gathering that the groups official planting ceremonies pay tribute to “a particularly honorable place or event. We plant this rose in recognition of the men and women that have caused 82nd Avenue to be named the ‚ÄòAvenue of Roses‚Äô. We plant this rose as a living testimonial of the truth and honor, which is the sworn duty of our sir knights and dames to uphold.”

Marilyn Schultz, Royal Gardener of the organization, added, as she set the rose in the prepared soil, “By this planting, we show the high regard with which the Royal Rosarians hold for good works. We are planting the rose, ‚ÄòWe Salute You‚Äô, named in honor of the firefighters and police who lost their lives on 9/11.”

Eileen Curtis, Portland Rose Society, administering the Official Watering, said, “As I water the rose, let it be the start of many, many new rose gardens of that will bloom along 82nd Avenue of Roses.”

John Creegan, Royal Chaplain and Scribe gave the invocation. “They shall rejoice and blossom as a rose. The heavens shall declare the glory of God, and the ferment show His handiwork. In the presence of Him who created the flora of the world, and spread it out as a glorious carpet across the world, and in the presence of these Royal Rosarians and their friends we ask His blessing upon this queen of flowers, and this spot from which it shall spring forth in ever increasing beauty, fragrance and purity.”

Lord High Sheriff Collier ended the ceremony adding, “Around the world, Portland is known as the Rose Capitol of America. Around the globe goes our phrase, ‚ÄòFor you a rose, in Portland grows.‚Äô May a rose ever grow in your garden, and may a rose grow, forever, in your hearts.”

2006 David F. Ashton – East PDX News

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