ROSE turns ‘neighborhood nuisance’ into deluxe housing

See how ROSE Community Development Corp. turned a run-down apartment building into a place where families can safely live …

This beautiful, comfortable, and safe apartment building was once a neighborhood trouble spot, neighbors say.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
For years, the Foster-Powell Neighborhood’s Firland Apartments 8036 SE Raymond Avenue had a troubled past.

“Police were coming in there all the time,” said Evelyn Woods, a nearby resident, to East Portland News, on the day of the building’s re-opening celebration on July 26.

“But, it looks like the new owners have spent a lot of time and money to fix the place up. Instead of being a blight to the street, it’s going to be a benefit,” Woods added.

Nick Sauvie, Executive Director of ROSE Community Development Corp.; Brian Carleton, from Carelton Architecture; and Jonathan Brandt of Foster Green Eco-District gather to talk in the meeting room of the Firland Apartments.

“For the last few years, ROSE has looked for run-down existing apartment buildings,” explained Nick Sauvie, Executive Director of Rose Community Development Corp. “We purchase and rehabilitate these properties.”

The location of the building was perhaps its only appealing feature when they purchased it, Sauvie added. “It’s really close to transit, close to Marysville School (to be reopened in January), to shopping, and to a community center. We felt this area had a lot going for it.”

What was once just a mud path is now a raised walkway between the buildings.

Although the underlying 1970s “vintage construction” structure was sound, the building’s rehabilitation was extensive, Sauvie said. “The contractors took the walls inside the units down to the studs. And, we’ve put on new siding, and installed new windows, doors, and a lot new plumbing. Plus, we added a lot more insulation and a new heating system. This is now a very energy-efficient building.”

Addressing the neighbors’ concerns about the rough-and-tumble history of the apartments, Sauvie pointed out that ROSE CDC had purchased it from and out-of-state absentee owner. “With us coming in and providing active property management, the building will now provide good homes for our residents, and will be welcomed in the neighborhood.”

Potential residents check out this new ROSE CDC housing development.

Firland Apartments features 19 one or two bedrooms units. “They’re all considered ‘affordable housing’ for people below 50% median income in the City of Portland,” Sauvie disclosed.

For more information, see Rose Community Development’s website: CLICK HERE. Or, call them at (503) 788-8052.

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