Rose honors ‘Marysville Playground’ builders

Find out who else was honored at their annual Award and Donor Breakfast – and why they were singled out for praise …

The OMSI dining room is filled with ROSE Community Development Corp. volunteers and supporters, as their annual recognition breakfast gets underway.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Just a couple of weeks before Marysville Elementary was charred from a still-unexplained school-day blaze, community members and government officials had gathered north of the school to dedicate the new Marysville Community Park and Playground.

ROSE Community Development Corp. spearheaded the project that turned a muddy field north of Marysville School into a fully-equipped playground, including covered structures. At the fifth annual ROSE Award and Donor Breakfast at OMSI on October 9, the organization honored three key partners in that project.

To learn who else was honored, read on …

ROSE CDC Board Chair Roger Anthony started off the early morning celebration, greeting the attendees, and introducing Executive Director Nick Sauvie.

The Executive Director of ROSE CDC, Nick Sauvie, holds up an illustration of the development that’s taken place in outer East Portland – without supporting amenities.

“It’s a diverse neighborhood that we serve,” Nick Sauvie began. “There is some sub-standard development we see across the neighborhoods. Because of changes that were made in the mid-90s, a lot of development came – but without a lot of the amenities.”

Sauvie continued, “I thank you for prioritizing East Portland, and we’ll continue to grow, with your support. We’re known for quality affordable housing, but that’s not all we do. We help build parks, and improve the quality of child care in the neighborhood; we are involved in schools, and public health, and in all kinds of different plans and initiatives.”

ROSE Awards announced

Norm Dowty VP of RH Construction accepts the ROSE Business Partner Award.

The 2010 ROSE Business Partner Award was presented at the breakfast meeting to R&H Construction, the contractor for the Marysville Playground Project – they completed the work on schedule, and on budget.

The company’s vice president, Norm Dowty, accepted for his organization.

Zenger Farm’s Executive Director, Jill Kuehler, accepts the ROSE Community Partner Award.

The Rose Community Partner Award was presented this year to Zenger Farm. “Their 16-acre farm has become a widely-recognized community asset in outer Southeast Portland,” Sauvie said. “The farm also serves the neighborhoods of Outer Southeast with a wide range of educational offerings.”

Zenger Farm’s Executive Director, Jill Kuehler, accepted the award.

Marysville Elementary School Principal Lana Penley accepts a ROSE Community Leader Award.

A ROSE Community Leader Award went to Lana Penley, Principal of Marysville Elementary School. “We’re honoring Lana for her work on the new playground, and for her leadership in ensuring the safety of all Marysville students – and guiding them through the relocation to a new building,” said Sauvie.

Nancy Wilgenbusch, of the Marysville Advisory Council, accepts her ROSE Community Leader Award.

Another ROSE Community Leader Award was presented to Nancy Wilgenbusch. Sauvie said about her, “We are recognizing Nancy for her work on the Marysville Advisory Council, which raised $1 million for construction of the playground and park.”

Sauvie added, “Though the school is now temporarily headquartered in Northeast Portland, the playground remains a valuable and heavily-used neighborhood asset. In addition to those honored here today, we are sincerely grateful for all of the support given this project by government leaders, nonprofit organizations and community members.”

Florence Wood accepts her Outstanding ROSE Volunteer Award.

And, the “Outstanding ROSE Volunteer” award was presented to Florence Wood, a resident of ROSE’s Leander Court Apartments, for organizing a 4-H program for children living in the building.

Sherrelle Owens, Clinical supervisor for the Clinical Intake and Legibility Unit for Disabilities Unit at Multnomah County, speaks at the ROSE event.

Filling in for the morning’s scheduled guest speaker, who had a medical emergency – Margaret Carter, former Oregon State Senator, and currently Deputy of the Oregon Department of Human Services – was Sherrelle Owens, Clinical supervisor for the Clinical Intake and Legibility for Disabilities Unit at Multnomah County.

Owens gave a moving account of how the support her family received, back when she was a youngster, helped inspire her to aspire to continue with school, earn advanced degrees, and to go into community service.

“When you empower individuals and families, you empower the community,” Owens proclaimed. “One of the most dire and critical issues that have altered clients’ lives, during my 16 years of work in social services, is the fear of losing housing – or not having housing. ROSE fills a vital need on our community.”

Before the next speaker was introduced, Sauvie asked all present to join him in a moment of silence for one pivotal ROSE founders, Jim Barrett, who had passed away since their last event.

ROSE resident Holly Jackson accepts a flower arrangement from Roger Anthony, after telling how the organization helped her improve her life by becoming a child-care provider.

Sauvie then introduced Holly Jackson, a ROSE resident and child care provider.

“I’m a mother of four,” Jackson began. “Running an in-home daycare was a dream of mine since I was young. With their help in the past year, I’ve been able to reach my dream, and turned may daycare into a successful business that supplies valuable and high-quality service.

“Thanks to ROSE, I was able to get training, in their Childcare Improvement Project. I’ve updated my business with new professional contracts, and I took over 70 hours of training. And, I thank all of you for helping make this possible.”

ROSE Board Chair, Roger Anthony, delivers the appeal message.

With that, Roger Anthony delivered the annual ROSE Appeal.

“Outer East Portland is where diverse communities mingle and families get started. It’s also a place where people struggle to hang on during economic crisis.  It’s where people live from paycheck to paycheck.  It’s where wishes far outnumber dreams that actually come true.”

Anthony continued, “ROSE has been here for 18 years now, doing a little bit every day, to build a better community in Outer Southeast.  Without it, people and families who never thought they’d be able to own a home find a place to call their own.  We’ve given families support when they’ve had no place else to turn, providing food, furniture, and back-to-school supplies.”

Sauvie concluded the event, saying, “Thanks to the work we do, hundreds of people who were left behind are now getting ahead. ROSE is here to help make a better today – and an even better tomorrow.”

It’s not too late to show your support for ROSE CDC. Learn more about them by visiting their website: CLICK HERE

ROSE Executive Director Nick Sauvie congratulates this year’s award winners: Norm Dowty, VP of RH Construction; Principal Lana Penley of Marysville Elementary School; Nancy Wilgenbusch, for her work on the Marysville Playground; Outstanding ROSE Volunteer Florence Wood; and ROSE Board Chair, Roger Anthony.

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