Rose Fest Princess revealed at David Douglas

Take a look at the all-school assembly that ended up welcoming their 2019 Portland Rose Festival Princess Aleena Thammavong …

Filled with more people than live in many Oregon cities, the David Douglas High School, in the Hazelwood neighborhood, enthusiastically await the start of this all-school assembly.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

The main David Douglas High School (DDHS) gymnasium was charged with excitement on Friday morning, March 8, as more than 3,000 students and staff filed in for the all-school assembly.

“This is always a wonderful day for the Scots, here at David Douglas, because we have so much to celebrate today,” remarked DDHS Principal John Bier with a broad smile. “We’ll recognize our winning sports, dance, and arts teams, and this is when our fundraising campaign for our ‘Scot’s Angels’ program culminates – and when we announce our Portland Rose Festival Princess!”

About their candidates, Bier said “All four of our Portland Rose Festival candidates are fantastic; each and every one of them would do a magnificent job representing our school, because they are accomplished beyond their years.”

Starting off the assembly, Principal John Bier introduces the school’s musical star, André Marc Wollrabe.

To an enthusiastic crowd, André performs his rap song, “PDX Anthem”.

Fulfilling their mission to support kids and families in medical crisis, Scot’s Angels’ Club Advisor Brad Joy introduces this year’s recipient –Dylan, and his family – and presents them with a check for $20,000.

With the stage decorated and ready, 2019 Portland Rose Festival David Douglas Court members Tam Danh, Kyra Holden, Aleena Thammavong, and Lisa Tsang were individually escorted to the platform.

DDHS students Tam Danh, Kyra Holden, Aleena Thammavong, and Lisa Tsang — members of the school’s 2019 Portland Rose Festival Court – smile on stage.

2018 Portland Rose Festival DDHS Princess Ally Vang returns to tell of her experiences.

“This experience [as Princess] gave me the opportunity to volunteer at organizations, and explore Portland and beyond,” returning 2018 Portland Rose Festival DDHS Princess Ally Vang told the crowd. “My experience of being a Rose Festival Princess has been a turning point in my life toward adulthood.”

Unitus Community Credit Union “Mentor” Lori Williams presents each member of the Court with a memento.

Hearing her name read, Aleena Thammavong realizes she’ll represent her school in the 2019 Portland Rose Festival.

Princess Aleena Thammavong receives her tiara from 2018 Portland DDHS Princess Ally Vang.

After the program, Princess Aleena told East Portland News, “I’m local kid all the way, having attended Gilbert Heights Elementary School in the Powellhurst-Gilbert neighborhood, then Alice Ott Middle School before coming to David Douglas, where I’ll graduate this year.”

About participating in the Portland Rose Festival, she said, “I look forward most to representing the diversity we have here David Douglas; it’s unlike any other high school I know of in the area.

“Although we’re a school in a low-income area, we have some of the biggest hearts and most sincere students. We love our school so much, and are really proud of being Scots,” beamed Princess Aleena.

Congratulations to 2019 Portland Rose Festival DDHS Princess Aleena Thammavong!

Princess Aleena plans to major in Business Management at Portland State University, a plan that will be aided by her one-on-one mentorship and a $3,500 scholarship provided by The Randall Group.

Cheer on Princess Aleena at the Portland Rose Festival Queen’s Coronation on day, June 8 at 8:30 a.m. – just before the Grand Floral Parade, inside Veterans Memorial Coliseum. For tickets or information, see their website: CLICK HERE.

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