Robust ‘Holiday Bazaar’ delights both shoppers and David Douglas High’s PTSA

Here’s a look at a great annual event that benefits several worthy students graduating from the school …

Numerous vendors – and lots of shoppers – make for a good Holiday Bazaar at David Douglas High School this year.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
“Welcome to our 15th Annual Holiday Bazaar,” said a cheery Kari Deardorff, President of the David Douglas High School (DDHS) Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA), when we visited the December 3 fundraiser.

“It’s been hugely successful today,” Deardorff said. “We have more than 90 vendors.”

DDHS PTSA President Kari Deardorff and Secretary Renee Wills say they take the time and make the effort to put on events like these because they like to give back to their community.

Even better, we watched as a steady flow of shoppers came through the north Cafeteria room and hallways, browsing the wares of the many artists, crafters, merchants and cooks.

“We see a lot of happy shoppers coming through all day,” Deardorff acknowledged, “and, happy venders, also! The best part is, that we’ll earn several thousand dollars for our college scholarship program.”

Crafter Annette Jackson shows a basket she’s selling, made in the Native American style she learned from a Cherokee – as she displays her line of handmade ornaments and artwork.

Four of the fifteen volunteers at the bazaar, DDHS students Mayla Komphouvong, Eva Wong, Andy Nguyen, and Martha Zeller, help refuel shoppers at their mobile coffee cart.

Deardorff introduced the PTSA’s secretary, Renee Wells, who revealed that, with the proceeds from this event, they’ll likely give out six $500 scholarships to graduating seniors.

“A successful Holiday Bazaar is the key to our successful program,” Deardorff added. “In ‘leaner’ years, we’ve only been able to give out three scholarships; last year we gave seven.”

When we asked why so many people work so diligently to make the bazaar a success, Wells didn’t hesitate before she replied. “It’s really enjoyable. I especially like working with the kids. And, we had a great turnout of volunteer helpers, especially the students. This year, all of our student helpers are here, because they wanted to help – not because they needed to fulfill volunteer hours to meet their program’s requirements.”

Rebecca Miller talks with a customer who is purchasing one of her ‘Mobecca Bottle Lights’ that she and her daughter create.

We look forward to learning how many scholars will be honored this year – by this fun, annual Holiday event.

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