Rioters scrap in Argay Terrace

Here’s why, although the imbroglio took place here, this brief-yet-violent skirmish had little to do with outer East Portland residents …

Soon after a riot breaks out here, along NE 122nd Avenue, between the Parkrose and Argay Terrace neighborhoods, it’s over.

By David F. Ashton

A large rally, planned on the Willamette River waterfront in Southwest Portland in Tom McCall Waterfront Park, was suddenly moved by its organizers, for reasons unknown, to the parking lot of the shuttered K-Mart store on NE 122nd Avenue, just south of Sandy Boulevard, on Sunday afternoon, August 22.

By 1:30 p.m., a group of people set up what they called a “Summer of Love: Patriots Spreading Love not Hate” gathering. But the result was not love. “At about 4 p.m., a small number of people came together and committed acts of violence and destruction at the Northeast Portland location,” a Portland Police Bureau (PPB) official disclosed.

Smoke bombs put haze in the air that smelled like chemical spray, bystanders say. Courtesy KPTV Fox-12

“People were lighting fireworks and dispersing chemical spray, as well as firing what appeared to be paintball and/or airsoft guns; and some property destruction was observed before most of the involved individuals left the area,” the PPB spokesperson reported.

The nearby Chevron station and its associated “ExtraMile” mini-mart, on the southern edge of the commotion on the stub of NE Skidmore Street, closed for a time – and people dining at the close-by Wendy’s restaurant hunkered down, as skirmishes continued.

Remaining after the hostilities subsided was this toppled van, left behind.

“I don’t think anyone out there, in the street doing this, was from Parkrose, or outer East Portland,” Wendy’s customer Ana Amcililone commented.

There were no immediate arrests, but PPB officials said detectives are reviewing evidence to determine whether charges can be brought for criminal activities.

With such violence taking place only yards from the Parkrose High School campus – Parkrose Superintendent Michael Lopes Serrao, speaking for the Parkrose Board of Education, commented on the occurrence. He said, in part:

We are heartbroken that citizens who do not live here decided to come and have a violent fight in front of our kids and families, on our school property and in our community. This senseless violence is trivial, and once again we must ask our kids and families to be ‘Parkrose Strong’.”

If you were a victim of a violent crime at this time and location, or have evidence of a crime, including videos and photos, submit those at Reference Case No. 21-681328.

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