Red-light-running teen T-bones a truck, in Gateway

This wreck in Hazelwood near Mall 205 sent the crash victim to the hospital …

Before emergency medical responders arrive, an off-duty Portland Police officer talks with the driver of the truck, minutes after she suffered a side-impact smashup.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

A Portland Police Bureau officer, who said he was just off duty, witnessed a two-vehicle wreck on June 18 at the intersection of SE 99th Avenue and SE Stark Street in the Hazelwood neighborhood.

At 9:48 p.m. a silver Toyota four-door sedan was northbound on SE 99th Avenue, traveling at a relatively high rate of speed, other witnesses said.

The driver of this Toyota hides his face from the camera.

“The Toyota went through a red light at SE Stark Street, and hit the side of a truck, traveling westbound on SE Stark Street,” said Franco Gonzalez, who said he was waiting to cross the street at the intersection.

“It hit so hard, just behind the driver’s side door that the truck spun around,” Gonzalez told East Portland News.

Officers confer about this accident.

The impact spun the blue Toyota pickup truck 135 degrees counterclockwise, ending up facing north at the curb, on the south side of Stark Street.

The Toyota stopped about a quarter-block north of the intersection – stalling out, its radiator spewing coolant and the engine leaking oil.

As PF&R Engine 7 paramedics stand by, AMR paramedics prepare the crash victim for transport.

The crew riding Portland Fire & Rescue Mill Park Station Engine 7 provided immediate medical attention to the female driver of the impacted truck. The crash victim was medically stabilized and transported to a local hospital by an AMR ambulance.

The young man driving the Toyota looked distressed as he stood by the wrecked car – and even more so when his mother arrived on the scene and began loudly chiding him.

Behind the smashed pickup truck, an officer continues the investigation.

While it remains unknown whether the car’s driver was cited for running a red traffic signal, an officer at the scene indicated to us that the wreck did appear to be the fault of the Toyota’s driver.

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