‘Prosperity Initiative’ groups host twin Holiday Markets

Find out why each of these markets, although held on the same day, helped both the Rosewood and Parkrose districts …

At the Historic Parkrose Holiday Market, District Manager Bridget Bayer greets arriving shoppers.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

This year, volunteers with the Rosewood Initiative and Historic Parkrose Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative organizations hosted their own Holiday Markets, in their respective service areas, on December 6.


Rosewood Initiative Holiday Market

Rosewood Initiative Director Jenny Glass tells Santa Claus she has, indeed, been very good this year, at the Holiday Market.

In the Rosewood Initiative Community Center, vendors had their handmade wares spread out on tables, ready for Holiday shoppers, when the doors opened at 10 a.m.

A big draw was Santa Claus seated on his throne in the “Kids’ Zone”, where he was ready to listen to the secret desires of the “good little boys and girls” who came to visit and have their photos taken.

“This is our second annual Holiday Market,” remarked Tony Lamb, Economic Program Implementation Coordinator for Rosewood Initiative.

Rosewood Initiative Economic Program Implementation Coordinator Tony Lamb talks with Rosewood Initiative Holiday Market crafter Dyan Bailey.

“We do this as a way to support and showcase our small-business owners, here in outer East Portland and in West Gresham,” Lamb told East Portland News.

“This is super important, because it’s an affordable and easy outlet for our vendors to get their products out to the community,” explained Lamb. “Here, they can generate some extra income for the Holiday season.”

It’s also good for the customer who comes to shop, Lamb opined. “This marketplace also provides affordable gift buying opportunities for our community’s families. From what we’re seeing from our shoppers today, this is fulfilling a real need quite well.”

Home baker and candy maker Kelly DeKay shows some her sweets.


Historic Parkrose Holiday Market

Shoppers find joy, and gifts for sale, at the Historic Parkrose Holiday Market.

Also on this same Saturday, the Historic Parkrose Holiday Market was also underway, under tents, in front of Parkrose Hardware.

“Welcome to our second annual Holiday Market,” greeted Historic Parkrose Chair Kenneth Poirier.

Historic Parkrose Chair Kenneth Poirier talks with customers at the market.

“This is a way to showcase some of our local vendors, and local entertainment talent to Parkrose residents,” Poirier said. “The idea is to get people to come out of the businesses on NE Sandy Boulevard, and shop local, here in Parkrose.”

It’s more than just buying and selling, he added. “One of our main tenets of Historic Parkrose is to ‘build a community’. This means not only within the neighborhood community itself, but also within the business community.”

Johnny Ott and Millie meet Santa Claus, while visiting the Historic Parkrose Holiday Market.

The idea, Poirier continued, is to encourage folks to think of their section of Sandy Boulevard as a viable place to spend time and money.

“And it’s a place people can have fun,” Poirier smiled. “We’re trying to have projects that make Sandy Boulevard cleaner and safer. And, were also working to get more new good businesses here so people will come and shop in their own business district.”

Arlene Kimura shows a customer some of the many beads for sale at her table in the Historic Parkrose Holiday Market.

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