Project helps apartment dwellers develop green thumbs

Take a look, and you’ll see who’s behind this interesting community-minded project …

Arbor Glen resident Latasha Carter says she’s enjoying learning about plants from Nicole Forbes, who is with Dennis’ 7 Dees.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Families at the Centennial Neighborhood Association’s Arbor Glen apartments got to add a touch of nature to their individual units on June 20, thanks to the help of volunteers, and a commercial landscaping firm.

“The Arbor Glen is one of Human Solutions’ affordable housing complexes,” said the non-profit organization’s Development Director, Scott Langen.

“Today we’re celebrating the first day of summer, with the help of our partners, Dennis’ 7 Dees, a professional landscaping service and retail garden center,” Langen told East Portland News.

“They came out to help kids and their parents transplant seedlings that they been growing, into pots that they can keep in their houses, and grow on their balconies,” he added.

After her son ran off to get a closer look, resident Latasha Carter commented, “This is a wonderful event for myself and for my children. I don’t know much about planting or growing things. But, the information I get today is a good start for me.”

Dennis’ 7 Dees’s employee Stacie Palmer helps young gardeners learn how to transplant their greenery.

While it was not a major event, Langen said, this was more than simply a nice activity to start off the summer. “The kids have also been involved in nutrition education programs that will continue over the summer. This is a good way to keep up the momentum.”

Langen commended their partners, Dennis’ 7 Dees. “This is another way that they step outside the box of being the business, and into the box of being a great community partner.”

To learn more about Human Solutions, see their website: CLICK HERE.

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