Progress revealed by Midway Business Assn.

See what the group that serves the southern ‘Midway’ portion of outer East Portland is doing, to improve the area …

Folks find a seat and network, before the Midway Business Association annual meeting gets underway.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

The regular monthly meeting was special event on June 13, for members and guests of the Midway Business Association (MBA) – it was the group’s “annual meeting”.

Before the formal meeting began at noon, delicious Pizza Baron sizzling hot pies were set out for guests, as were pitchers of soft drinks, compliments of MBA.

He enthusiastically supports doing business in the area, says MBA President Dr. David Day, DC.

Today at our annual meeting, we’re giving a ‘year in review’ presentation, talking about all the exciting things that we have accomplished this year,” explained MBA President Dr. David Day, DC.

“We held several events during last summer, including a party at my office where we had a bluegrass music celebration, and we also participated in the Powellhurst-Gilbert Neighborhood Association Fair and ‘Movies in the Park’ celebration,” Day told East Portland News.

Guests serve themselves slices of the giant “Baron’s Bonanza” pizza.

“At our regular second-Tuesday-of-the-month meetings during the fall and winter months, we had a number of speakers who talked about everything from making the best use of our brand-new website, issues of sustainability, and how businesses can reduce our carbon footprint; the City of Portland talked about ‘brownfields’, and how we can clean up some of the areas; and, the Parks Bureau spoke about the three new parks in our area,” Day said.

He also was enthusiastic about the group’s “signature event” this past spring, the “Business to Buttes” program held in honor of Earth Day, on Powell Butte.

Attendees learn about a new “Midway Visitor’s Guide”, now in the works.

Coming this year, the MBA is creating a “Visitor’s Guide” for the Midway district.

“At first, it may seem like a surprising idea to create a ‘Midway Visitor’s Guide’ here, but, it makes sense when you realize that there are more than 40 Airbnb homes in our area,” explained Day, adding that the average stay is three days or longer, and the average lodger spends about $600 when staying here.

“When we think about these homeowners as small businesses, this pilot project with Airbnb of creating these guides will be a proactive way to reaching out to more visitors, and helping our businesses,” Day said.

Dr. Day invites all at the meeting to attend his chiropractic clinic’s 31st anniversary party, to be held on July 27. (CLICK HERE for details).

Having celebrated operating his chiropractic clinic for 30 years in this neighborhood business district, it would be easy to focus on negative aspects of the area such as crime and poverty, Day observed. “But, we love being in business here; and when we look around, we see the many opportunities that exist here.

“I want to do everything I can to make this area good for neighbors, visitors, and businesses our community.”

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