Progress revealed at Leach Garden Friends meeting

Find out what volunteers at Leach Botanical Garden learned during their annual meeting this year. And, learn about their Dec. 7 ‘Winter Faire’

Major construction work — already evident from the main entrance of Leach Botanical Garden, located in the Pleasant Valley neighborhood – is one of the topics of interest at the 2019 Annual Meeting.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

Gathering in the Leach Botanical Garden Manor House for its annual meeting, on Sunday after afternoon, November 3, were Board Members, members, and guests of Leach Garden Friends (LGF) – the nonprofit organization of volunteers who provide support for the garden.

Guests were treated to coffee and cookies before and after the meeting, which was attended by some 25 people.

New “Leach Garden Friends” Board Member Lina Ma is introduced by Director David Porter.

“Most of the people here at our Annual Meeting are longtime supporters and volunteers,” pointed our said LGF Director David Porter, after the formal presentations.

“Just a few minutes ago, we introduced our newest Board Member, Lena Ma, a professional geologist who is working with our educational programs, and is really excited about the garden,” Porter told East Portland News.

LGF members listen to presentations at their annual meeting.

“We’ve talked about our website, which is now under reconstruction; and we’ve just introduced our new logo for the garden – updating it from about seven years ago, when it was created to celebrate our 30th anniversary,” remarked Porter.

During the meeting they reviewed the progress of the Upper Garden Project, as covered by East Portland News [CLICK HERE to see photos, and read about the project].

They also reviewed their major events, including:


Leach’s Assistant Director Jo Shintani shows an exhibit showing how the Upper Garden Project will improve the garden.

Attendees learned that LGF Event Coordinator Jo Shintani has taken on additional responsibilities, and has been named “Assistant Director of Operations” – including strategic initiatives such as wayfinding, signage, the new website, and being involved in the construction projects.

“We’re introducing many of the new concepts that have been part of our ongoing work, and is part of the construction that is going on at full pace,” said Porter.

Gwen Sparks and Ryan Sullivan of sparks+Sullivan give a presentation showing the progress of the park’s “Wayfinding Team”, which will help visitors better navigate around the garden after the construction is completed.

“And today, on kind of a gray damp day, I’m always happy to see so many families wandering around the garden, and here – families, youngsters and old people.”

Leach Garden Winter Faire on December 7
From 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. on December 7, enjoy a walk in the winter garden, and then stop by the Manor House and Garden Gift Shop for festivities and sales.

Shoppers will find 20% off, store-wide, in the Garden Gift Shop; they can browse local artisans, purchase baked goods and specialty wreaths, and enjoy complimentary hot beverages. This sale benefits the efforts of the nonprofit Leach Garden Friends.

Leach Botanical Garden is located at 6704 SE 122nd Avenue 97236 – a twisty drive south of SE Foster Road.

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