Princess Wren to rep Madison High at Rose Festival

It’s unclear how she, and outer East Portland Rose Festival Princesses will actually serve, now that this year’s Festival has been indefinitely postponed …

In the Lents neighborhood, two Portland Rose Festival candidates for Madison High School – juniors Wren Louis and Rachel Sanchez Ramirez – are escorted to the stage.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

The last outer East Portland 2020 Portland Rose Festival Princess, this time from Madison High School at the Marshall Campus, was revealed on March 9.

The ceremony was brief, as dignitaries and officials from the festival were recognized, after the candidates were brought to the stage by their escorts.

Presenting a gift to candidates is Unitus Community Credit Union Mentor Lori Fink.

Outgoing Madison High Princess, Gabby Ferrogiaro, tells why she appreciates the Portland Rose Festival.

Last year’s Portland Rose Festival Princess from Madison High, Gabby Ferrogiaro, addressed the candidates and those assembled: “You both have been waiting to hear this announcement for a long time, so I won’t be very long.

“The Rose Festival has changed many lives, including mine; in my case, learning how to care for others, work for others, and enjoy many new and different experiences,” Princes Gabby said.

She also credited her year as a Princess with her having mastered public speaking, and how to present herself in a professional manner. “This is nothing like I’ve ever done; I fully enjoyed representing Madison High, Portland, and myself!

“It’s a magical experience. It is hard work, but it is so much of everything wonderful,” Princess Gabby concluded – before walking over to the chosen candidate this year, Wren Louis, and placing the bejeweled ceremonial coronet on her head.

2020 Portland Rose Festival Madison High Princess, Wren Louis, receives her tiara from outgoing Princess Gabby Ferrogiaro.

“Both of our candidates were excellent,” said Madison High School Dean of Students Dave Kelly. “I think Wren will be a good representative for the ‘Senators’, because she’s been really involved in our school community – from playing sports, to being a great student.”

Congratulations to 2020 Portland Rose Festival Princess Madison High Princess Wren Louis.

“Having volunteered with the Portland Rose Festival at their History Booth for two years, I decided to try out for this, because I thought it would be great opportunity – and so far, it has been!” Princess Wren told East Portland News. “Just to be able to experience many different things that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to experience, meet new people, and work with my mentor – these are all really important to me.

“The most important thing about representing the ‘Senators’, to me, is to be able to show that ours is a great school, with lots of school spirit and academic programs.”

Princess Wren’s plans to attend a state college to become either an ASL interpreter, or an independent business owner, will be enhanced by a $3,500 scholarship, courtesy of The Randall Group.

All Portland Rose Festival events and activities have been postponed until further notice; to see their official web site: CLICK HERE. However, we’re told all of our Portland Rose Festival Princesses will still definitely receive their educational scholarships.

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