POUNDS of powerful dope picked up in outer East Portland raids

These weren’t just a couple of kids peddling pot!  You’ll be amazed and astounded at how much heavy-duty dope was seized – and why the three charged with being big-time, south-of-the-border drug dealers won’t be going anywhere soon …

This is just one of three locations where Portland Police Bureau’s Drugs and Vice Division cops say they served search warrants, and took POUNDS of illicit drugs out of circulation. With all that drug money, you’d think the accused could’ve fixed the place up a little bit …

Story and photos by David F Ashton
At a time when City officials decry efforts to keep illegal aliens from crossing into the United States, along the Arizona border with Mexico, members of the Portland Police Bureau’s elite Drugs and Vice Division (DVD) arrested three adult male alleged illegal aliens charging them with operating a massive illicit drug ring.

Then, when those charges are finally settled, the accused will be turned over to agents from the US Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services.

“This investigation began approximately two months ago after DVD investigators began following up on information they received about a sophisticated heroin sales operation,” stated Portland Police Bureau spokesperson Detective Mary Wheat.

The Powellhurst-Gilbert Neighborhood – Phoenix connection
“On Thursday, June 10, officers served multiple search warrants on residences and vehicles, and seized ten pounds of heroin and $65,000 in cash,” declared Wheat. “Investigators believe the heroin was driven here from Phoenix, Arizona, to be sold in the Portland area.”

Here’s some of the illegal drugs Portland police put on display after the raid. Courtesy of KOIN Local 6 News

Officers swooped in – smack in the heart of the Powellhurst-Gilbert Neighborhood – serving search warrants at 12238 SE Bush Street, and also just south of SE 122nd Avenue at 12045 SE Bush Street, we learned from Detective Wheat. Other DVD cops visited an apartment complex located at 20433 SE Stark Street in Gresham.

“Search warrants were served on each residence, and on a total of seven vehicles associated with the heroin sales operation,” Wheat detailed.

-3 In addition to drugs – said to have been imported from Phoenix – was this stash of cash. Courtesy of KOIN Local 6 News

72,500 balloons’ worth busted
“Investigators located approximately three pounds of heroin in the residences, and an additional seven pounds of heroin in two of the seven vehicles,” Wheat went on. “The heroin is estimated to be worth between one million and one and a half million dollars, and would supply approximately 72,500 separate individual sales on the street.”

-4 The three men charged in connection with this operation are (from left) 33-year-old Sergio Aguilar Sahagun, 38-year-old Roman Aguilar Rocha, and 29-year-old Edgar Curiel Guzman.

Three men were arrested on drug charges, Wheat said. “They were charged with Distribution of Controlled Substance (Heroin and Methamphetamine), Manufacturing of a Controlled Substance (Heroin), and Possession of a Controlled Substance (Heroin and Methamphetamine).”

According to Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office Booking Information, Sergio Aguilar Sahagun, Roman Aguilar Rocha, and Edgar Curiel Guzman are also subject to a United States Immigration Service “Hold”. They remain in custody at this writing.

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