Portland Fruit Tree Project shows off new theme at Earth Day celebration

INCLUDES FUN VIDEO | Take a look at how the Portland Fruit Tree Project celebrated Earth Day in outer East Portland at Rossi Farms, and revealed their ‘visual rebranding’ …

The giant Unicorn Slide set up at Rossi Farm immediately attracts the attention of kids arriving at the “Portland Fruit Tree Project Earth Day Celebration”.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

It couldn’t have been a nicer day for an “Earth Day” celebration the afternoon and evening of April 22 in the Parkrose neighborhood at Rossi Farms.

Hundreds of people, mostly families, took advantage of the lovely weather, and fun kids activities, to attend this joyful event.

Portland Fruit Tree Project Marketing Coordinator, Kathryn Stevens, wears a T-shirt that shows off their new “visual rebranding” slogan and artwork.

“We’re calling this the Portland Fruit Tree Project Earth Day Celebration,” announced the nonprofit organization’s Marketing Coordinator, Kathryn Stevens.

We asked if the group was had come up with a new name as part of their rebranding. Stevens replied, “No, we’re still sticking with our name, because everything we do has to do with fruit trees, in Portland since we started 15 years ago in 2009.

“So, we’re dong a graphical, visual rebranding that includes our theme this year, ‘Cultivate Abundance’ – because that’s what we do,” Stevens told East Portland News.

Helping out at the day’s plant sale is Anne Heimlich, a volunteer with Portland Fruit Tree Project,  assisted by the organization’s Tree Care and Stewardship Manager, Sadie Wechsler.

“So the theme of our event today – in which we are creating some joy, some family fun – is ‘abundance’, which means more than just fruit,” Stevens explained. “It also means creating a sense of community and abundance, bringing us together to think about Earth Day and how we can do our part to help our Earth,” she continued.

About the organization
Portland Fruit Tree Project considers itself, primarily, to be a ‘gleaning organization’, which harvests un-needed fruit from trees in Portland yards, we learned. “We are fruit gleaners in the urban environment,” Stevens elaborated.

In addition to harvesting the fruit, “We also care for the fruit trees that feed and shade Portland neighborhoods,” Stevens said. “Our Tree Care Group works with homeowners to find trees that are harvestable; and also to find a trees that might need some care so they might actually produce fruit and have fewer disease issues.”

Beyond being an urban orchardist, the organization also plant trees to provide more shade and habitat, primarily in outer East Portland, Stevens explained.

It doesn’t take long for youngsters to find another bouncy castle, and to spot kids’ carnival games in progress, in the Rossi Farms “Old Town” area.

With games for kids, two giant bouncy houses, and food trucks, there was plenty to keep visitors of all ages occupied during the celebration, presented with the help of as many as 50 volunteers and staff members.

Watch a video and see the fun time families had at this celebration:

That evening, there was a ticketed, seated dinner in the barn – featuring a gluten-free vegetarian dinner set out by Finer Things Catering. “The proceeds go to Portland Fruit Tree Project projects,” Stevens informed.

Inside the barn, youth enjoy several different kinds of Earth Day-oriented crafts.

“We chose Rossi Farms for this celebration, because nearby is the Parkrose Community Orchard,” Stevens commented. She looked delighted to learn that East Portland News had covered that orchard’s planting back in 2015; CLICK HERE to see that story.

Find out more about the Portland Fruit Tree Project, sign up for their online newsletter, and discover how you can become involved by visiting their official website: CLICK HERE.

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