Police commander urges involvement in city’s “Vision” plan

Is the “VisionPDX” plan YOUR vision? Learn where and when to voice your opinion …

Outer East Portland’s top cop, Michael Crebs, says citizens living east of 82nd Avenue of Roses should attend the city’s VisionPDX meeting to make sure their views are appropriately represented in the report.

Story and photo by David F. Ashton
On Wednesday, September 19, at 6 PM the Portland City Council will be shown the results of the “VisionPDX” research study commissioned by Portland Mayor Tom Potter.

One of the committee members who sifted through the thousands of survey reports was the Portland Police Bureau East Precinct Commander, Michael Crebs. “I accepted the offer, approximately two years ago, to be on the committee.”

Asked about this volunteer assignment, Crebs stated, “Our sole goal was to develop a ‘vision’ for how our city should be in [the year] 2030, based on input from the community. We did not want it to the vision of the mayor or city council. We wanted it to be the vision of our community. I feel that we reached our goal.”

Urges hearing the plan – and being heard
When we enquired why outer East Portland folks should go to the meeting, Crebs told us, “At this meeting, the Mayor will present the final product. It is important for citizens to be there – especially people in outer East Portland – so they can let Mayor know, after hearing the report, whether or not to accept it.”

Portland City Hall is located in downtown Portland, at 1221 SW 4th Avenue. Be sure the use the 4th Avenue entrance – all others are permanently closed.

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