Pixar movie-magic secrets revealed at OMSI

Ever wonder how characters in animated movies such as Toy Story, Monsters, Inc. or Cars come to life? Find out, at a fascinating new exhibit during Spring Break  …

In the “Rigging” section of “The Science Behind Pixar” exhibition, now at OMSI, guests learn how character models are given a “virtual skeleton”, enabling animators to add movement.

Story and photos by David F Ashton

Since “The Science Behind Pixar” exhibition opened at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) in late February, families have been flocking to interact with the technology that supports the creativity and artistry of moviemaking storytellers.

The exhibition is divided into eight focus areas – each highlighting a step of the filmmaking process – thus providing visitors with a unique view of the Pixar’s “production pipeline”, and the concepts used at the studio every day, pointed out OMSI Featured Hall Assistant Manager Jennifer Powers, as she toured the exhibits on opening day.

Learning how digital sculptures are created, based on sketches from artists, is OMSI Featured Hall Assistant Manager Jennifer Powers.

“OMSI is all about creating curiosity through hands-on, interactive, and exciting experimentation,” Powers told East Portland News, “and this exhibit is all of it, utilizing physical models and touchscreens, as well as video stories. It’s fun, involving, and accessible to everyone from little kids to adults and grandparents!”

In the “Sets & Cameras” center, a guest discovers how a bugs-eye view was achieved for A Bug’s Life, through camera angles and large-set design entirely within the computer.

Visitors use hands-on to solve lighting challenges, similar to what Pixar artists faced in creating the movie “Up”.
From modeling the imaginary characters through their animation and final rendering, each if the eight steps of stop-action film brought to life in the exhibition that covers OMSI’s two main exhibition halls.

“The Science Behind Pixar” is open at OMSI through September 3; tickets to the exhibition additional to the general admission rates.

At exhibit after exhibit visitors learn, step-by-step, the art and science that is behind the making of modern animated motion pictures.

For hours, ticket prices, OMSI’s location, and more information about “The Science Behind Pixar”, see their website: https://omsi.edu/.

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