Pirate band gathers gold for Llewellyn

See why one of our favorite local musical groups, Captain Bogg & Salty’s Pirate Band, most recently dropped their anchor in Westmoreland …

Arrrr, Mates! Shiver me timbers! We spy Captain Bogg & Salty’s Pirate Band’s a-playing again in East Portland!

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Instead of plundering inner SE Portland for their own gain, the sea dogs of Captain Bogg & Salty’s Pirate Band dropped off a chest of gold – to benefit Llewellyn Elementary School Foundation not long ago.

“This event shows real community spirit,” said the co-coordinator of the benefit concert, Robin Johnson. “Two New Seasons Markets and Wallace Books sold tickets, and the Moreland Presbyterian Church loaned the risers. And, volunteers Eileen Stone and Pete Diamond helped put the stage together.”

The co-organizers of the concert, Robin Johnson and Julie Wright, welcome the 300 fans that came to see Captain Bogg & Salty’s Pirate Band.

In their front row seats in the Moreland Theater, Captain Bogg & Salty fans Zaib, Jillian, Maggie, Winnie are giving us the secret pirate sign (a hooked finger) – showing they are ready for a good time.

The organizers said they appreciated the owners and staff at the Moreland Theatre. “We appreciate them having us back this year; they very kind to us,” said organizer Julie Wright.

Captain Bogg welcomes the crowd of pirate fans to the show.

As a couple hundred young fans and their parents filed in, and the group was about to come on stage, the band’s spokes-pirate – First Mate McGraw – commented, “It’s a strange and wonderful feeling of playing pirate songs in an old movie theater like this. It can’t be replicated elsewhere.”

With a mighty “yar”, and the sign of the hook, another rollicking concert was underway, featuring songs that included “Pegleg Tango”, “I’m A Pirate”, and “Pieces of 8ight”.

The pirate band opens the show with “Weigh Anchor”.

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