Pies judged ‘delicious’ in Lents contest

The annual “Best Pie Contest” at Lents International Farmers Market predictably delights judges and shoppers …

Lents International Farmers Market staff cut slices for the judges, as this year’s “Best Pie in Lents” contest gets underway.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

When they opened for business on July 12, the staff of the Lents International Farmers Market didn’t know if their second annual “Best Pie in Lents” contest would sizzle or fall flat.

“No, it’s not a pie-eating contest!” Zenger Farm Economic Development Manager Sarah Broderick exclaimed. “It’s a pie baking and judging contest.”

“We were expecting only a few entrants,” Broderick told East Portland News. “But, we received 15 pies today for judging.”

Holding the scorecard is Traci Hildner of the Lucky Larder at the Portland Mercado, as Traci other judges score entries in the “Best Pie in Lents” contest.

With scorecards in hand, the judges sampled each of the pies. They made notes and assigned numerical scores to categories including appearance, freshness of ingredients, crust, and of course, taste.

“The first place winner gets $75 in market tokens,” Broderick explained. “Second place is awarded $25 in tokens, and the pie coming in third place gets $10 in tokens.”

Zenger Farm Development Director Andrew Hogan tallies up the judges’ scorecards.

And this year, she said, they added a “People’s Choice” award. “After the judges have finished evaluating the entries, we’re letting market patrons taste the pies, and vote for their favorite,” Broderick said. “That winner will take home $25 in market tokens.”

Some market shoppers tried to look nonchalant as they served themselves second, and sometimes even a third “taste”, of their favorite pies – while officials tallied up the scorecards.

Jessica Engle’s “Marion-Boysenberry Pie” was delicious. Sadly, by the time her entry was announced as First Place winner, all that remained was this empty pie dish!

The winner is …
Jessica Engle took First Place, with her “Marion-Boysenberry Pie”, made with berries from A&B Farms, and the usual pie-making ingredients.

And our notable runner-up winners are:

  • Second Place: Clare Clark with a Strawberry Rhubarb Pie
  • Third Place: Emma Fulford with an Apricot Ginger Pie
  • People’s Choice: Tie between the marionberry pie entered by Jessica Engle and the Kyla Fabiani creation, Grapefruit Cream pie.


Keep your eye open for this fun, tasty contest next year – and stop by the Lents International Farmers Market for fresh foods every Sunday. It’s located at the northwest corner of SE 92nd Avenue and SE Foster Road.

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