‘Peak’ roller ride draws crowds at Oaks Park

Open every weekend until summer, you’ll find family-friendly prices, free admission and free parking at this revered amusement park …

Jeanni Crane and Scott Cage are “head over heels” riding through the loop of the new Oaks Amusement Park attraction, the “Adrenaline Peak” roller coaster.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

As promised, the new “Adrenaline Peak” roller coaster opened at historic Oaks Amusement Park just in time for Spring Break.

Drizzle dampened crowds on opening day, but when the sun came out later that weekend, the Oaks’ ticket offices were swamped with folks coming to enjoy the brand new ride, and all of the attractions at the park.

More than a vertical “first drop”, these riders are about to experience the “negative G force” of a -7? drop.

Sunny weather brings large crowds to Oaks Amusement Park – and, for the brave, to ride the new “Adrenaline Peak” roller coaster.

Jeanni Crane and Scott Cage were two of the riders. “I really like rides like this, and it’s amazing!” Crane told East Portland News. “Rode it the second time because it was so much fun the first!” exclaimed Cage.

Others excitedly commented on the thrilling sensation of being pulled backward on the initial drop, and others remarked on the loop; but it was riding through the helical inversion that startled many riders, we learned.

The new Oaks Amusement Park attraction, the German-made “Adrenaline Peak” roller coaster, will be giving riders thrills all summer long.

Cresting the 72-foot first drop, these riders on the new Oaks Park “Adrenaline Peak” roller coaster look thrilled already. Or is that fear?

Up you’re up for “shooting the loop” or even a helical inversion yourself, find out more about the brand new roller coaster as well as other features at nonprofit Oaks Park – now the oldest continuously-operating amusement park in the country – at their website: CLICK HERE.

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