‘Parkrose sports enthusiast’ named Parkrose High’s Rose Festival Princess

Find out more about this remarkable young lady, who – while keeping up her studies – also was twice a Women’s Heavyweight State Champion Wrestler …

Although the assembly is voluntary, held after classes let out for the day – the Parkrose High School Theater is filled to capacity, with standing room only.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
The second Princess from outer East Portland named to the 2013 Portland Rose Festival Court was announced in the afternoon of March 12, at the Parkrose High School Theater, in front of a standing-room-only crowd.

Bronco Spirit ran high, as the four Parkrose candidates – Kyeanna Henry, Destinee Love, Madeline Partridge, and Brenda Perez-Gonzalez – appeared on stage, dressed in formal gowns.

Parkrose High students cheer for their 2013 Parkrose Portland Rose Festival Court members – Kyeanna Henry, Destinee Love, Madeline Partridge, and Brenda Perez-Gonzalez.

Each of the candidates had appeared before the Portland Rose Festival Foundation Selection Committee earlier this month, where they disclosed their academic record, student involvement, and volunteer activities and accomplishments – at Parkrose High, and also in the community.

And, each of the school’s potential ambassadors gave a speech before the student body last week.

2012 Portland Rose Festival Parkrose Princess Bre’Shay Barnes beams that she’s been pleased to represent the school.

After briefly introducing the Portland Rose Festival Foundation officials present, 2012 Portland Rose Festival Parkrose Princess Bre’Shay Barnes took the podium at this mid-County school, and spoke to the assembly.

“I must congratulate you for the great job on your speeches, last week,” Barnes began. “Being selected last year was a life-changing experience for me that I will never forget.

“Rose Festival helps young ladies, like myself, feel more confident and improve our abilities to speak in public, and we gain of 14 beautiful sisters we never imagined that we would have,” Barnes went on.

“I thank the Portland Rose Festival for the opportunity they gave me last year, and I thank Parkrose High School for giving me the opportunity to represent our school. I thank all of you.”

All applaud the announcement that Kyeanna Henry would represent Bronco Pride during the 2013 Portland Rose Festival.

The packed auditorium fell almost silent as Barnes prepared to pin the tiara on this year’s Parkrose Rose Festival Princess.

A deafening cheer rang through the theater when it was announced that Kyeanna Henry would be the one to represent Bronco Pride throughout the festival.

2013 Portland Rose Festival Parkrose Princess Kyeanna Henry greets the multitude.

Stepping up to the microphone 2013 Portland Rose Festival Parkrose Princess Kyeanna Henry expressed her gratitude for being selected. “I’m really looking forward to the experience, going out and helping represent Portland throughout Oregon.”

A 16-year-old junior, Princess Kyeanna has already accomplished much in her high school career – and some of her achievements are astonishing.

For example, Princess Kyeanna has participated in Varsity Wrestling, and twice won the title of “Women’s Heavyweight State Champion Wrestler”. She’s also participated in student government, and has been on the track, softball and Varsity Mock Trial teams – in addition to having been elected the Junior Class President.

Members of her court embrace Princess Kyeanna (left), and wish her success.

Showing that she also “hits the books”, Princess Kyeanna has been selected as a Multnomah Athletic Club Scholar Athlete.

On stage, Princess Kyeanna was surprised and excited about her new role when she spoke with East Portland News.

“I’m looking forward to becoming a ‘family unit’ with the other princesses,” she said. “And, I’m also really excited to be meeting the 14 other girls and helping out in the community. The community service part of the Portland Rose Festival is very important to me.”

The most difficult part along the path to being named “Princess Kyeanna”, she said, was “getting up and giving my speech in front of the entire school. It took a lot.”

Members of the 2013 Portland Rose Festival Parkrose Court – Destinee Love, Madeline Partridge, Princess Kyeanna Henry, Brenda Perez-Gonzalez; each of them well-qualified  candidates to serve as the school’s 2013 representative – gather for a formal portrait.

What her high school experiences have helped her learn, she said, is “That it is okay that I am a little different. I have always been insecure in my own skin, but I have grown to be more confident in myself, and comfortable letting my personality shine through.”

Being the sports-minded person she is, it’s no surprise that Princess Kyeanna revealed that her favorite Portland Rose Festival Event is the Dragon Boat Races on the Willamette River.

“Ever since I was little, I remember coming to the Waterfront to watch the teams race each other in their bright boats. When I volunteered at the race, all of the teams were very nice, and they really enjoyed what they were doing. I loved to see their enthusiasm.”

Princess Kyeanna said she plans to study at Boston University, and later hopes to open a bakery shop.

Congratulations to 2013 Portland Rose Festival Parkrose Princess Kyeanna Henry.

Like the other fourteen Princesses, Kyeanna will receive a $3,500 scholarship provided by The Randall Group, and a new wardrobe. She’ll also be availed of personal mentoring by Pacific Power Distribution Manager Jackie Carter.

Plan now to cheer Parkrose’s Princess Kyeanna at the 2013 Portland Rose Festival Queen’s Coronation at Veterans Memorial Coliseum on June 8, where the 2013 Queen of Rosaria will be announced. That’s just before the start of the Portland Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade. For more information, see their webpage: CLICK HERE .

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