Parkrose ‘sports card’ show benefits district schools

Discover how this Oregon Sports Collectors Association show helps fund Parkrose schools’ sports programs …

At this Northwest Sports Cards and Collectibles Show in Parkrose, sports cards dealers and aficionados meet to buy, sell and trade collectables.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

Because the promoters let us know that the Pacific Northwest Sports Cards and Collectibles Show in Parkrose, held on April 20 at Parkrose Middle School Cafetorium, would benefit school sports programs, we’ve reported these events in our public calendar for several years.

This year marked their fifth-annual show in Parkrose, and East Portland News was there in person this time, to explore the Oregon Sports Collectors Association (OSCA) exhibition.

As they entered the Cafetorium, each student (kids under 18 were admitted free) was given 25 free sports cards – just for attending!

Interacting with a guest is OSCA Sports Card Show founder Terry Kneisler.

“Our intent is to change the trajectory of sports for some kids who might otherwise not be able to participate in sports; so, we’ve donated funds Parkrose School District baseball, softball, and other sports programs,” explained OSCA Sports Card Show founder Terry Kneisler.

Having never attended a sports card show, we found it fascinating to see families browse the 45 vendors at the show.

“We could probably have as many as 80 vendors, if we just wanted to make money,” Kneisler remarked. “But we like to keep the quality of our vendors very high. And, it’s great to have the intimacy of having all of our people here in the same room.”

Attendees focus intently as they carefully look through the cards and collectables offered by each vendor at this show.

Showing off one of his most prized items in his collection – a Seattle Mariners Ichiro Suzuki autographed card – here’s Tom Lester from Vancouver, who says he’s been collecting cards for 25 years.

How this show benefits both kids and collectors
“Sports cards – in and of themselves – capture the history, beauty, and the joy of the game, in a unique way,” Kneisler observed.

“Kids love to get a ‘tangible piece’ and own part of what they’ve seen on the field or in the stadium.”

Here from Kona, Hawai’i, to visit friends, former Parkrose resident Mark Takahashi finds a card to add to his own collection.

“And, interestingly, many youngsters have discovered the ‘collectable investment’ concept of buying, trading, and selling cards,” Kneisler pointed out. “It’s great to combine the two: Connecting with a team like the Seattle Mariners, and with a particular player – while learning about the economics of life!”

To learn more about the Oregon Sports Collectors Association, see their official website: CLICK HERE.

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