Parkrose school helps students with learning supplies

See the staff of Shaver Elementary School make sure their outer East Portland students are able to keep learning at home …

In the Argay Terrace neighborhood, Shaver Elementary School staff members spend an afternoon distributing supplies to students who can’t attend school due to COVID-19 coronavirus concerns.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

With schools closed across the Parkrose School District at the mandate of Governor Kate Brown, to prevent spreading the COVID-19 coronavirus, teachers and staff at Shaver Elementary School have made sure their students have what they need to keep learning. They distributed supplies to students all afternoon on Friday, April 17.

“We’re giving students learning materials – math workbooks, reading work packets, spiral notebooks, binders, pencils, sharpeners, and paper,” explained Shaver Principal Laura Goodman, as her eyes smiled, behind her face mask.

Ready to supply another family with a Chromebook computer is Shaver Elementary Principal Laura Goodman.

“Last week we distributed Chromebooks [Internet-based laptop computers that use Google software] so students would have the technology they need to access the on-line learning platforms; but there are some students that will also be picking up Chromebooks,” Goodman told East Portland News.

The staff members practiced social distancing among themselves while gathering up the bags of materials they’d prepared for each student – each tagged for specific families – and handing them off to parents.

Shaver Elementary parent Cecil Fox says he’s grateful for the supplies he picked up from Maggie Montas.

Asked how the concept for this afternoon began, Goodman replied, “At Shaver, we wanted all of our students to have the best possible access to learning during this extended school closure.

“We are always looking at it from an ‘equity lens’, and want to provide access to all,” Goodman explained.

To that end, their teachers have created learning materials, are using the “Google Classroom” platform to teach students virtually. “And, the making available of ‘hardcopy’ materials and supplies to students provides them with a variety of ways to access learning,” she said.

The staff members of Shaver Elementary School served one family after another the “education-to-go” kits.

During the afternoon, some 200 families came by to pick up the supplies. “Our teachers have reached out to each family individually, to let them know about the event; and we sent a flyer through an email attachment to all families,” remarked Goodman.

About her staff, Goodman commented, “This is an amazing group of teachers, going ‘above and beyond’ to provide access to learning and resources for their students during this school closure.”

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