Parkrose ‘Safety Survey’ seeks input

If you live, work, shop, or recreate in Parkrose – consider taking this very unique survey. Here’s why …

At a Parkrose Business Association meeting, Police Bureau (PPB) North Precinct District Officer Jason Jones tells of the importance of community involvement in reducing crime and increasing livability.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

Over the past several months, Portland Police Bureau (PPB) North Precinct District Officer Jason Jones has become a positive face for “community policing” in the Parkrose neighborhood.

“From now through mid-September, we’re hoping people who live, work, or play in Parkrose will take a few minutes to take an online survey,” Jones told East Portland News.

Taking community policing “to the street”, Officer Jones meets neighbors at a recent community event.

The idea of taking a community safety survey started in Portland’s North Northeast coalition neighborhoods, Jones said. “I felt this would be very useful here in Parkrose, my district, because I love Parkrose, and I feel sometimes this part of outer East Portland gets neglected.”

After Jones met with their PPB Crime Analyst and Portland State University (PSU) professor Dr. Kris Henning, the survey was approved for the Parkrose area.

Hoping to boost what he considers a lagging response rate, Jones said the survey is an important way to highlight some of the needs and issues in Parkrose.

Seen here at a recent community meeting, Parkrose Neighborhood Association Chair Annette Stanhope shares why she believes that taking this survey is important.

Parkrose Neighborhood Association Chair Annette Stanhope, speaking only for herself, commented, “Participating in the survey gives neighbors the opportunity to tell police what they think are the biggest crime/safety concerns in the neighborhood – and then police can focus their efforts on those issues and ‘hot spots’.

“Also, participating in this survey gives voice to neighbors who haven’t had direct contact with police to let the police know what they’ve been perceiving in the neighborhood, and do so anonymously,” concluded Stanhope.

Officer Jones says he hopes all residents, and those who visit the community, will take the online survey.

“My hope is that residents of Parkrose raise livability issues, public safety issues, and will tell us what they want us to do. For me, it will prioritize what they want us to do,” Jones said.

To take the survey, CLICK HERE, and you’ll open the PSU survey page.

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