Parkrose prowler stabs cop

Discover why this suspect is lucky to be alive, after he attacked a police officer in outer East Portland with a tactical knife …

A prowler, lurking near this building which houses Historic Parkrose and also serves as a Portland Police Bureau substation, catches the attention of patrolling district officers.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

As they drive through districts night after night, watchful Portland Police Bureau (PPB) officers quickly spot people and circumstances that seem out of place, or in some way suspicious.

Such was the case on July 5 at 1:41 a.m, North Precinct District officers were cruising along NE Sandy Boulevard at 110th Avenue. In the block, there’s a small office building that is shared by Historic Parkrose and a Portland Police Bureau contact office.

Two officers, riding together in a “partner car”, spotted a nearly six-foot, 170 pound man who seemed to be trying to burglarize the office, at 11036 NE Sandy Boulevard. They stopped to see what the man was doing there, so late at night.

Why a suspect was trying to break into this police contact office remains a mystery.

“One of the officers exited the patrol car and walked behind the suspect, who was walking away westbound on Sandy Boulevard,” related PPB Public Information Officer Sgt. Pete Simpson.

“The officer tried to verbally engage the suspect multiple times, but he did not respond,” Simpson said. “The other officer drove alongside the suspect, and positioned the patrol car on 110th Avenue to prevent the suspect from walking away any further.”

At the corner of 110th and Sandy, the suspect turned toward the officer on foot, reached into his back pocket, and retrieved a folding, “tactical-style” knife. “The officer backed away from the suspect, trying to create distance, and fell backwards injuring his right hand and wrist.”

Officials say the suspected burglar used this knife to stab an officer who stumbled and fell. PPB photo

The suspect jumped on top of fallen officer, who used his left hand to cover his heart as the suspect stabbed him, injuring officer’s left hand.

The officer in the car fired a shot, striking Ellis, who then fell onto the ground. The officers moved away, and held the suspect at gunpoint until cover officers arrived and were able to take him into custody, and begin providing medical aid.

Stabbed was Officer Jose Jimenez, a three-year-veteran of the Portland Police Bureau, who was taken to a local hospital for medical evaluation and treatment.

56-year-old David James Ellis now faces charges that include Attempted Aggravated Murder. MCDC booking photo

The suspect, 56-year-old David James Ellis, was released from the hospital the day after the incident, and was booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center (MCDC) at 1:24 p.m.

During his arraignment the following day, Ellis learned he’ll be answering for charges of Attempted Aggravated Murder, Assault in the Second Degree, and Unlawful Use of a Weapon. He remains in MCDC in lieu of $505,000 combined bail.

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