Parkrose proudly picks Rose Festival Princess

Upon whose head did current Parkrose Rose Festival Princess Vy Nguyen place the tiara? See the events unfold right here in a story loaded with our exclusive photos …

Parkrose High School principal Roy Reynolds welcomes students and family members to the selection ceremony of the 2009 Parkrose High Princess.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
The 2009 Portland Rose Festival Court selection process continued in outer East Portland this week, as the Parkrose High School Theater started filling with students and family members on March 17.

Principal Roy Reynolds greeted the throng of students and parents filling the theater and said, “We have some wonderful young women that competed to represent our school. I’m very proud of each and every one of them. Before we bring them out, I give our Rose Festival committee my thanks.”

Reynolds paused after he recognized the committee members, then turned to the Portland Rose Festival Association leaders and remarked with a smile, “I would be remiss if I didn’t remind you that, although we’ve participated in the Rose Festival Court for 20 years, we have not had a Rose Festival Queen come from Parkrose. We suggest it this might be the year!”

2008 Parkrose High Rose Festival Princess Vy Nguyen gives advice to the school’s five candidates.

Tension mounts, as the candidates wonder who’s been selected to represent Parkrose High School during the 2009 Portland Rose Festival.

Past princess returns
The 2008 Parkrose High Princess, Vy Nguyen, stepped up to the microphone. “Hello! I must say it’s really awkward to come back to school, but I’m so proud of my Parkrose High School. One of the things I’ve learned from this experience is the dedication, love, and passion we have for the Rose Festival.”

Turning to the five candidates now on stage, Nguyen continued, “One piece of advice I give to our new Princess is this: The year will go by very fast. Enjoy every moment of it.”

Opening the envelope, Nguyen announced that the 2009 Portland Rose Festival Princess from Parkrose high school is … Ciara (pronounced Sierra) Dines.

The other four contestants crowded around Princess Ciara, as Nguyen placed the tiara on her head.

Parkrose High School 2009 Portland Rose Festival Princess Ciara steps forward to make her first official speech.

Princess Ciara speaks
Ready to address her subjects, Princess Ciara walked up to the microphone, placed center-stage.

“Thank you so much; you all have been such an encouragement to me.

“First and foremost, I would like to thank God, because he is my closest friend and relationship, and that has brought me through so much. I also thank my family for helping me and pushing me through, and giving the encouragement.

“I thought I was going to cry. It’s amazing; all of these ladies in the court helped me through this race, giving the encouragement, giving me positive things from their personalities, and lots of positive energy.

“Like I said in my speech, ‘Don’t give up, don’t give up’. There’s always someone to encourage you, and be by you. You just have to see it.  Thank you all.”

Princess Ciara Dines is surrounded by her court – Karen Cole, Isobel Woolner, Marie Coyle, and Melessa Lewis.

About Parkrose’ new Princess
17-year-old Princess Ciara Dines attended Woodlawn and Shaver Elementary Schools, and Parkrose Middle School; she’s now in her Junior year at Parkrose High School.

Her activities and honors include Soccer, basketball, softball, student council, Black Student Union, theater, superintendent advisory board, National Honor Society, church choir, and Les Femmes Debutantes.

“The person I admire most is Lynetta Martin, my pastor’s wife,” stated Princess Ciara. “She is a woman of dignity, integrity, courage, and she has compassion for everyone.”

Ciara’s hobbies and special interests include sports, singing, playing board games, exercise, spending time with family and church activities.

After high school, Princess Ciara plans to attend a four-year college, and pursue a career as a psychologist or a sociologist.

Meet Parkrose High School’s 2009 Portland Rose Festival Princess, Ciara Dines, at this years’ activities.

Don’t miss any of the fun
Find out about all of the fun, cultural, sports, arts and parade events that will be taking place at the 2009 Portland Rose Festival, by visiting the Portland Rose Festival Foundation website: CLICK HERE!

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