Parkrose picks its Rose Festival Princess

Find out all about Parkrose High School’s Portland Rose Festival Princess, Mayranni Cervantes, who will represent Bronco Spirit this year …

The Parkrose High School Theater fills to capacity, as the Portland Rose Festival Princess Announcement program begins.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

“Bronco Spirit” was in evidence in the Parkrose High School Theater, on the afternoon of March 13, as the place filled with students and staff waiting to learn who would represent the school for the 2017 Portland Rose Festival

“All of our Court members are outstanding individuals; their speeches were very impressive and heartfelt,” Parkrose High School Principal Molly Ouche smiled just before the program began.

Making their entrance on stage are Parkrose High Portland Rose Festival Court members Mayranni Cervantes, Monica Pettigrove, Kaitlyn Carter Moore, and Ali Fernee.

She appreciates this Portland Rose Festival program, Ouche told East Portland News. “This is about service; they all have shown great examples of service here at our school and in the community. Each of them has gone well beyond what could be expected of any student here at our high school.”

“Whoever is selected to represent us will be ‘a win’ for our school,” said Ouche.

After Court members Mayranni Cervantes, Monica Pettigrove, Kaitlyn Carter Moore, and Ali Fernee arrived on stage, Portland Rose Officials gave their opening remarks, and recognized dignitaries in the audience.

Then, last year’s Portland Rose Festival Parkrose High Princess, Melissa Ibrahim, stepped up to the podium and said, “Congratulations to our Court for 2017; I’m so proud of you.

“I know the difficulty of stepping outside of yourself to be potentially the representative a Parkrose High School. Be proud of who you are and where you come from. This community, your friendly family, family and friends, will always have your back,” she went on.

Portland Rose Festival Parkrose High 2016 Princess Melissa Ibrahim addresses members of this year’s court.

To the court member to be selected, Ibrahim advised, “Soak up all the knowledge and wisdom you can from the people you meet; there’ll never be another opportunity like this.

“Whoever becomes the 2017 representative for Parkrose Portland Rose Festival Princess: Just know that each and every one of you is loved and supported, and that you have earned your place here,” Ibrahim said. “Congratulations, and always be wonderful!”

Unitus Community Credit Union Mentor Karen Salman presents gifts to the court members.

Mayranni Cervantes learns she’s just become the Bronco’s Princess representative to the 2017 Portland Rose Festival.

Princess Mayranni greets her subjects.

After hearing her name announced, Portland Rose Festival Parkrose High School Princess Mayranni Cervantes recovered, and spoke to the audience, saying, “I thank my family for supporting me through all of this. And I want to thank the whole Court for being really supportive, and to all of you for giving me the opportunity to represent our school.”

After the program the 17-year-old Parkrose High senior told East Portland News why she’d entered the competition.

“My cousin participated in this two years ago, and was chosen to represent our school,” Princess Mayranni said. “She talked about the whole experience, and how much it meant to her, and made me really want to participate in it also.

“I look forward to showing everyone what ‘Parkrose Pride’ is all about – that is, showing our diverse community, and how supportive we all are of each other.”

In this formal pose, Parkrose High Portland Rose Festival Court members Monica Pettigrove, Kaitlyn Carter Moore, and Ali Fernee gather with Princess Mayranni Cervantes.

Her favorite Portland Rose Festival event is the Starlight Parade, she reported. “I think it’s amazing; all of the lights are beautiful, and it reminds me of downtown Portland at night. I love the way different cultures are included in the parade, showing Portland’s diversity.”

She said she’s been involved with M.E.Ch.A, varsity basketball, Link Crew, varsity volleyball, and the symphonic band. Scholastically, she won a biology merit award, and was chosen “athlete of the month”.

A $3,500 scholarship provided by The Randall Group will help Princess Mayranni’s plans for four years of undergraduate studies and four years of graduate studies in order to become a veterinarian.

Congratulations to Portland Rose Festival Parkrose High School 2017 Princess Mayranni Cervantes!

Cheer on Princess Mayranni at the Portland Rose Festival Queen’s Coronation on June 10 at 8:30 a.m., in Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum, just before the beginning of the Grand Floral parade.

To learn more about the Portland Rose Festival, see their official website: CLICK HERE.

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