Parkrose ‘Peace Labyrinth’ hosts raveling troubadour’s concert

See why Jerry Leggett’s Peace Bubble show gave special meaning to the word “peace” at this summertime event …

Singer, songwriter, and entertainer Jerry Leggett tunes up for his Peace Bubble Café show at the Parkrose Peace Labyrinth, with the help of event organizer Camie Pugsley.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
From groundbreaking to construction to the dedication, we’ve brought you the story of the “Parkrose Peace Labyrinth” on the grounds of Parkrose High School.

“This seemed like the ideal place to hold our event, the Peace Bubble Café,” explained event organizer Camie Pugsley.

“It’s important to bring the community together, to provide a comfortable and safe place to talk about peace,” Pugsley told us. “A lot of times people think that you’re ‘way out there’ if you talk about peace. We’re creating a ‘safe space’ to hold conversations about peace without controversy.”

There are all kinds of peace, Pugsley went on. “There is internal peace, peace in the community, in the neighborhood, in our households, and peace in the world. We’re respectful of what peace means to each individual here.”

A portable water slide proved a popular attraction during this event, held on a hot August Saturday afternoon.

Invites nationwide traveling peace advocate
Pugsley said the event was centered on singer, songwriter, and entertainer Jerry Leggett. “He’s been across the country with his travel trailer, the ‘Peace Bubble’. This year he added the ‘Peace Bubble Café’, which is a metaphor for a place to gather and visit and chat about peace.”

Before the start of his show, Leggett himself spoke with us about his mission and full-time vocation.

“I think it’s a positive way to show that you love your country,” explained Leggett. “And also, that you care about peace. I believe we’ll all benefit if we talk with one another about ideas to make peace. And when I say everyone, I mean everyone: Peaceniks, soldiers, old people and young people, people of different cultures and different ideologies.”

Parked near the stage was his “Peace Bubble” – a vehicle that’s logged 80,227 and made 230 stops – as of his trip to Parkrose.

“I think that the Parkrose Peace Labyrinth is something that people can do as individuals or together,” commented Leggett. “I think this is one way of bringing some good energy to the community; people will remember this event here for a long time.”

Taking advantage of the shade are the folks awaiting the start of Leggett’s Peace Bubble Café show.

Music and interactive play
As the show began, the peace troubadour sang songs about peace, and engaged members of the audience of about 50 in interactive activities as the evening advanced.

Pugsley thanked volunteers from Parkrose Community United Church of Christ, Zion United Church of Christ, and others, for their help with the event.

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