Parkrose Heights church celebrates 65 years

See why parishioners were  marking a milestone for their Woodland Park Baptist Church

Inside the Woodland Park Baptist Church, in the Gateway District of outer East Portland, parishioners celebrate an historic moment in the congregation’s long history.

Story and photos by David F; Ashton

Actually located in the Parkrose Heights neighborhood, the Woodland Park Baptist Church was filled with parishioners, past and present,  for the Sunday services on June 2 – and for the congregation to celebrate the church’s 65th anniversary.

During the service, Lorelene (Lore’) Smith, shared a brief history of the church – telling of its mission within the Gateway community. Church member Mary A. Grant-Doty remarked that Smith is the last surviving member of the congregation’s Charter Members, which also included her parents, and late brother Lonnie G. Smith.

Leading the congregation in worship is Reverend Matt Alan Toupin.

After his message, Reverend Matt Alan Toupin greeted parishioners as they headed over to the community hall for lunch, and he also spoke with East Portland News.

“From what I understand, when the church was founded here in 1954 – In those days, these were fields and orchards around here, instead of neighborhoods,” Toupin said. “Now, 65 years later, sadly, many of our founding members of the church have passed on. That’s why we’re so blessed that Lore’ Smith was here to talk about how she and her family have really been instrumental in helping this church over time.”

Church members Pamela Rosentreter and Launie Boruck display a celebratory cake.

“We have a great ‘church family’ here; and we enjoy serving our community,” Toupin concluded.

Church members and friends gathered for a potluck lunch, serving themselves from a buffet of sandwiches of all descriptions, salads, and beverages.

Between runs, Portland Fire & Rescue Station 30 firefighters stop by, and are treated to “lunch to go”.

To learn more about the Woodland Park Baptist Church, see their official website: CLICK HERE.

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