Parkrose gets a new ‘Street Mural’

Discover who’s behind this outer East Portland public art project, and where to find it. Here’s a hint: It’s near the ‘Wishing Tree’ …

The “Parkrose Compass” is both artwork, and a place-making statement.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

At the intersection of NE 109th and Skidmore Street, a group of neighborhood volunteers was busy throughout Tuesday, July 13, painting a street mural.

Some of them took a break in the shade while others, with paint brushes and rollers in hand, continued to fill in the colorful design.

Street mural organizer Michelle Kimble pauses, in her effort to complete the neighborhood public art project on the street surface.

“This is the ‘Parkrose Intersection Mural’. Samantha Montanaro created three designs – and the community chose this one as the preferred design of the mural,” explained the project’s volunteer manager, Michelle Kimble, Parkrose Neighborhood Association Treasurer and Board Member of Historic Parkrose NPI.

“I’ve been interested in street murals,” remarked Kimble. “I did the ‘Plaza Del Sol’ project in Rockwood, and I thought it was real good community event, and I wanted the opportunity to do this in my neighborhood!”

Parkrose neighbor volunteer, and Board Member of the nearby Prescott Elementary PTO, Carley Shaut paints a segment of the “Parkrose Compass”.

They’re officially calling the design “Compass Parkrose”: “We have Crater Lake to the south of us, the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Columbia River to the north, and Mount Hood to the east,” Kimble told East Portland News.

“This project is a good way of showing that we have a great community here in Parkrose, coming together to do this artwork,” observed Kimble. “Here, people are making connections with one another; and when it’s finished, it’ll be a good walking destination for the neighborhood, next to our ‘Wishing Tree’ already at this intersection, where people put up their wishes.”

Throughout the afternoon, volunteers paint in the details of this cheery neighborhood street art project.

Kimble thanked Parkrose Hardware for the discounted paint, Parkrose Grocery Outlet Bargain Market for donating food and beverages for the volunteers, and their local Baxter’s Auto Care Store.

Next time you’re in the area, take a moment to check out their handiwork!

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