Parkrose Farmers Market opens in “ideal” location

This well-established market hasn’t moved far. Take a look at this story and you’ll find out what to expect this season …

Parkrose Farmers Market President Steve Voorhees welcomes everyone to their 2012 season.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Although it officially opened on the first Saturday in May, East Portland News timed our visit to the Parkrose Farmers Market for Mother’s Day weekend.

“Things are going great here, in our new location at Parkrose High School,” smiled Steve Voorhees, who is President of the Parkrose Farmers Market, the “Market Master”, and also a local grower.

With more than two dozen vendors each week, the Parkrose Farmers Market attracts many regular customers.

Gail Volk encourages shoppers to use their “Market Stamp Rewards Card” when they visit the market every week.

“We have much better visibility from NE 122nd Avenue, being located in the school’s southeast parking lot,” Voorhees added. “Opening weekend, we had about 2,000 people visit the market.”

This year’s weekly promotion, he informed us, is the “Market Stamp Rewards Card”. “Every time you make a purchase from a vendor, you get a stamp.  After 10 stamps, you get a $1.00 discount off your 11th purchase – it turns into a dollar coupon! So, instead one person winning a market bag giveaway, like in the past, everybody can win when they shop every week.”

Amanda Saecho of Wan and May’s Fresh Flowers says they always feature fresh, beautiful bouquets.

Parkrose Neighborhood Association volunteers Pat Marcum and Annette Stanhope offer coffee, to help support their neighborhood’s activities.

Although the market’s new space is a little smaller, it’s perfect for their 25 weekly vendors, Voorhees said. “And, rotating through, as their crops come in season, we’ll have 12 different growers coming in this year at different times. In June, all of the berries will be starting up – and we’ll have three berry vendors here each week.”

Although it’s no longer incorporated into the market’s space, an adjacent “public stage” area is available to bands who come by to fill the area with their music.

Shellane Ehlert of “Jar-O-Granola” says that, because there are too many preservatives in commercial products, she started making her own. Her family and friends encouraged her to sell the result – which she’s doing at the market. Learn more at her Facebook page: CLICK HERE.

“Before we go, let me thank our volunteers,” Voorhees concluded. “The Parkrose Music Boosters and the Parkrose Bronco Boosters have been a godsend to us, by helping us set up and take down the market canopies.”

The mid-County Parkrose Farmers Market is open every Saturday through October, from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

The market accepts Oregon Trail Cards and also debit cards, thanks to a grant from Pacific Northwest Federal Credit Union.

They’re at Parkrose High – in the EAST parking lot – at 12003 NE Shaver Street, a half-block west of NE 122nd Avenue. For more information, see their website: CLICK HERE, or contact Voorhees at

3 Night Stand rocks out in the public space next to the market, filling the air with tunes that folks remember and love to dance to, they say – including music of CCR, Neil Young, Clapton, SRV, ZZ Top, Beatles, Stones, Byrds, and even the Monkees.

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