Parkrose Community Peace Labyrinth dedicated

The project isn’t over – but it’s completed. Take a look, to find out what’s next with this neighborhood community monument project …

The originator and architect of  the Parkrose Community Peace Labyrinth, Sharon DeWitt, welcomes guests to the project’s dedication.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
More than a year in the making, the Parkrose Community Peace Labyrinth has been completed.

Not long ago, we attended the its dedication. The person who hatched the idea, Sharon DeWitt, who is in charge of Parkrose High School grounds, led the brief dedicatory program.

“I’ve always thought it would be wonderful to part of the high school’s grounds, creatively,” DeWitt began.

Many volunteers who worked on the labyrinth came to celebrate the project’s completion – and its future.

“When I started this project, the first thing I did was go to our Principal, Roy Reynolds. He encouraged me to find my own support system. He didn’t assume that either my project, nor I, was crazy!

“I did find a great support system – all of you who helped: With your time, your effort, and your support. Support systems are pretty amazing thing. Here’s a perfect example: When we built this labyrinth for our community, people stepped up to build the fabulous gate that welcomes the neighborhood into it.”

Asks for ongoing support
DeWitt continued, “The labyrinth itself now needs its own support system. We’re organizing ‘Friends of the Labyrinth’. If you’re interested in being part of this, I encourage you to sign up.”

Next for the labyrinth, DeWitt said, was performing plantings around the outer circumference, adding a park bench or two, and finding a way to secure the paving bricks in place.

Gives thank-yous
“Thank you, my own support system, Roy Reynolds, for encouraging me to make this project a reality.” She also thanked all the other people who wrote the grants, put together the slate of donors, and those who offered other efforts.

Lily Heller and Cynthia Hoff – half of the group called Sheer Blue – provide music for the dedication celebration.

She also thanked Mike Taylor, former Superintendent, who gave permission to the project and the current Superintendent, Karen Fisher Gray, who “graciously accepted the project midstream”.

Additionally DeWitt thanked the East Portland Neighborhood Organization the Toolbox for Education and Vicky of Copper Moon Design for all of her documentation and promotional help.

To get involved, contact DeWitt by e-mail:

Through this gate, you’ll find a labyrinth to walk – as you contemplate, meditate or just relax.

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