Parkrose-based credit union offers residents safe recycling

Here’s why folks were lining up outside the administrative offices of Pacific Northwest Federal Credit Union, their way of celebrating ‘Earth Day’ …

Outside of their outer East Portland headquarters, just off NE 122nd Avenue in Parkrose, Pacific Northwest Federal Credit Union staff members spent the day sorting discarded electronic items, between drop offs.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Celebrating 2014’s Earth Day Week, the management and staff of Pacific Northwest Federal Credit Union (PNWFCU) again helped their members – and neighbors in the Parkrose neighborhood area – to safely recycle documents and electronics.

“Again this year, we’re providing shredding and electronics recycling,” said PNWFCU VP Marketing and Member Service Dana Eaton, at the April 24 event.

Shelley Fenton gives discarded personal financial documents for shredding to Tim Rothermel, of Cintas Document Management.

Pacific Northwest Federal Credit Union Business Development Specialist Judy Kennedy and VP Marketing and Member Service Dana Eaton take a break from accepting mountains of worn out electronic devices to be sent off for recycling.

“We’re also holding a pop can drive for the Parkrose School District Bronco Boosters,” Eaton added, to East Portland News.

A stream of people drove by to hand off personal documents for shredding on-site in a Cintas Document Management truck. Others dropped off worn out electronic devices.

“It’s important for us to do this,” Eaton said, “because we want to give back to the community. We look for as many ways as possible to support our community.

“This includes helping our school district with its deposit-return can drive,” Eaton pointed out. “And it also includes encouraging people to not discard electronics in landfills. And. obviously, offering free shredding helps protect our members by destroying unwanted personal information.”

Neighbor Cathie Hanks drops off used electronic devices for recycling.

“This is great,” said Cathie Hanks, as she unloaded a broken computer printer. “This is a wonderful service to their offering. I know there are toxic metals and chemicals inside the computers and peripherals that we don’t want to go into our landfills. We recycle everything at home, like plastic bags and milk cartons. I think it’s great that they’re doing this for electronic equipment.”

So, once again this year, the folks at Pacific Northwest Federal Credit Union have demonstrated how they help their community “stay green” as well as “bank their green”.

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