Parking lot mishap ends with oddly parked car

You’ve seen stories about vehicles crashing into stores and restaurants around the great Portland area. This one ended up simply strangely parked …

How did this car end up like this? It wasn’t that driver accidentally backed down over the sidewalk.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
For reasons unknown, an increasing number of Portland-area drivers lately have accidentally smashed their vehicles into stores, beauty salons, and restaurants.

Westmoreland has not escaped the havoc.

The QFC Market on S.E. Milwaukie Avenue was undamaged by a “runaway car” on Thursday, December 11th. Witnesses said a white car rapidly accelerated in the rear parking lot, threaded itself between a tree and steel fence, and became stuck on a 45º angle between the lot and the street.

Surprising but true: cops say a slip of the foot resulted in this car’s unusual placement.

A Portland Police Bureau Officer reported, “About 4 pm, the lady driving the car said she was pulling into a parking space at the Westmoreland QFC store. Either her foot slipped off the brake pedal, or she hit the accelerator. The car was propelled up the embankment.”

No injuries or serious damage – except to the shrubbery, the officer said.

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