Outer East Portlanders honored at City-wide safety symposium

Find out who was given the prestigious Pennington Award – and learn about a group of kids promoting a safer Portland – right here …

Outer East Portland Crime Prevention Coordinators, Teri Poppino, Angela Wagnon, Rosanne Lee take a break during the “Ready-Safe-Go” City-wide safety symposium held at Warner Pacific College.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
The 2009 edition of the City-wide safety symposium called “Ready-Safe-Go” was held in East Portland this year, on the campus of Warner Pacific College.

Veteran outer East Portland Crime Prevention Coordinators Teri Poppino and Rosanne Lee “volunteered” their new co-worker, Angela Wagnon – who works out of Central Northeast Neighbors’ offices – to tell us about the event.

“Ready-Safe-Go is a partnership between the Crime Prevention Program and the Portland Office of Emergency Management,” Wagnon began.

Several classes are held throughout the day, she said. “The focus of these classes is on disaster preparedness, crime prevention, and team-building between those communities and education to the public about the services we provide and the things they can do to be safe, and be prepared.”

The classes aren’t only for public safety professionals, she added. “This event was created for the public. It’s a great way for citizens to become involved in helping their community reduce crime, and also be prepared to help if disaster strikes.”

Portland City Commissioner Amanda Fritz (seated, right) listens to public safety concerns of citizens attending this year’s “Ready-Safe-Go” event.

City Commissioner lauds event
Portland City Commissioner Amanda Fritz said she was pleased to see 250 participants at the event. “From what I’ve heard, they’ve enjoyed the classes and are very enthusiastic. This is wildly successful.”

“There are a lot of people here that are learning interesting and useful things,” Fritz observed. “It’s important for volunteers to learn skills that will be vital if we have a widespread emergency – so they’ll know how to deal with a smaller, localized situation, or a major emergency – such as an earthquake.”

Glenfair woman honored
This year, the Phil and Keturah Pennington Award – given to an individual or couple who exemplify community spirit through their many public safety efforts, community  cohesiveness, and improving neighborhood livability – was given to past Chair of the Glenfair Neighborhood Association, Donna-Lynn Kublick.

Glenfair’s Donna-Lynn Kublick, flanked by outer East Portland Crime Prevention Coordinators Teri Poppino and Rosanne Lee, receives her Phil and Keturah Pennington Award. Mike Vander Veen photo

The award presentation read:
“Donna-Lynn Kublick grew up in Glenfair, so she was keenly aware of the changing neighborhood. Wanting to live in a neighborhood where people looked out for one another and residents felt safe, she decided to try and bring back some of the “old” neighborhood feel, while welcoming the ever-changing landscape of her community.

“Ms. Kublick began her formal relationship with the Glenfair Neighborhood Association in June 1996 as Vice-Chair, and served as Chair in 2007 and 2008. She held regular neighborhood association meetings, and created a highly visible neighborhood patrol, where residents could walk in the safety of each others’ company.

“Quietly and earnestly, they began taking back their neighborhood as they moved through their streets picking up litter, and handing out neighborhood brochures inviting others to participate. Under her advocacy, Glenfair rose from a submissive posture to one of prominence, empowered by a rediscovered sense of community.”

East Precinct Youth Advisory Council honored

Additionally, the “Outstanding Youth Award” went to an outer East Portland group, the East Precinct Youth Advisory Council.

This award is presented to an individual or group of young people under 21 years of age for exceptional leadership, innovative thinking, and creative problem-solving focused on safety, livability, or crime prevention within the City.

Members of the East Precinct Youth Advisory Council is recognized with the “Outstanding Youth Award” at this year’s Ready-Safe-Go symposium. ONI photo

Their commendation read:

“For identifying several problem location areas, and their associated crime issues, and working with partners to build solutions, as well as their willingness to get involved in their community, this award is presented.

“Along with working to improve the community, Youth Council members gain valuable exposure to various functions of the Police Bureau and other community and City resources.”

Thanks to all of the citizens who attended the symposium, and all of the staff and volunteers who taught the classes and organized this symposium, Portland is now a little safer.

At the emergency radio demonstration tent outside the event, Mark McKay, Portland Office of Emergency Management, demonstrates an Emergency Coordination Center Communications “go kit” – a fully-functional, battery-powered radio center.

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