OMSI unveils ‘Dinosaurs Revealed’

Here’s why there’s been so much talk about the new, lively Oregon Museum of Science and Industry exhibition – now open – called, ‘Dinosaurs Revealed’. See the photos, and get a video preview …

Outside the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, a guest stops to photograph this giant beast – placed there as a signal that the new exhibition, Dinosaurs Revealed, is now on display inside.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

As guests walk into the latest exhibition at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), they’re met with loud growls, thundering snarls, and deep roars. It’s Dinosaurs Revealed, now open to the public in the main exhibition area.

What’s creating the din? There are 26 lifelike and life-size animatronic dinosaurs – sounding, and looking, as if they’re ready for lunch.

See our brief video of the exhibition:

But have no fear, these ancient beasts are securely anchored in place and will not pounce.

The “Paleontology Hall” is but one of the many sections of the new Dinosaurs Revealed exhibition at OMSI. Lit in blue light here’s a life-size, snarling Stegosaurus.

A guest keeps his distance from the growling Triceratops – that’s the beast with the “three-horned face”.

As visitors wind their ways through the exposition, they’ll discover and learn about dinosaurs through successive periods in Earth’s history, learning about the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous Periods.

“One of the things that makes this special for us is that it focuses specifically on North American dinosaurs — in the Mesozoic era, right in the place we now call the Pacific Northwest,” the exhibit’s local manager, OMSI educator Jennifer Powers, said during a sneak preview on the day it opened, March 19.

OMSI Marketing Manager John Farmer spends a moment with Exhibit Manager Jennifer Powers. Neither seems concerned that a pack of Supersauruses are snapping their salivating jaws just behind them.

“Also, Dinosaurs Revealed is a great way for all of us to ‘travel back in time’ and experience the evolution of our environment, as well as that of the dinosaurs and other animals,” Powers told East Portland News. “And, it’s a great way for us to start conversations about the changing climate and environment that we are now experiencing.”

Has high hopes it can stay open
This wasn’t a great year for OMSI, with “BODY WORLDS & The Cycle of Life” being shuttered only ten days after it opened; and with “The Life & Legacy of Genghis Khan” being shut down by COVID-19 governmental restrictions, just as it was opening.

Snapping a photo of a ravenous Allosaurus, this guests is counting on the beast not snapping back at him!

“We’d be so jazzed if we are allowed to keep this exhibit open for at least three weeks – and we’d be really thrilled if it can continue into September!” enthused Powers.

“We have all of our COVID-19 safety procedures in place,” assured Powers. “And, we are currently limiting our capacity to about 25% of what it normally would be; but we expect our allowed capacity to grow, as conditions improve.”

Although experiencing Dinosaurs Revealed is free for OMSI members (there is an additional charge for non-member visitors), Powers said they’re asking everyone to order tickets in advance of arriving. “By providing ‘timed tickets’ to everyone, we can safely space out the guests arriving over throughout the day – making sure we have small groups of people who can safety distance throughout the exhibit.”

As the allowed conditions in Multnomah County change, OMSI will update their admission policies, Powers said.

This family is getting a good look at a trio of Dracorex at the Dinosaurs Revealed exhibition, now at OMSI.

Dinosaurs Revealed is on display through Labor Day, September 6. To learn more, and get tickets online, see their official webpage: CLICK HERE.

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