Officers become shooting targets in Gateway District

Week #71 Shooting Report | UPDATE: SHOOTER SUSPECT ARRESTED | See how much money Portland Police will receive from the ‘budget bump’; learn about the shooting that closed down parts of two outer East Portland neighborhoods; and check out this week’s ‘Shots Fired Log’ …

Again this week, in the Lents, Hazelwood, and Parkrose Heights neighborhoods, Portland Police Bureau officers respond to shooting calls.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

It has been a long time since criminals have shot directly at Portland Police Bureau (PPB) officers, instead of at each other – but it happened this week near the Gateway Shopping Center.

>>To learn more about this extraordinary shooting incident, and also to see our weekly “Shots Fired Log”, read on …

PPB gets increased funds

On November 17, the Portland City Council voted to accept the “Fall Supplemental Budget” for the 2021-2022 fiscal year.

Appearing in a Twitter video, apparently made in Portland City Hall, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler announces that the “Fall Supplemental Budget” that includes “public safety” funding, has passed unanimously.

“We are allocating $7 million to improve and expand a public safety system that works towards both prevention and intervention,” announced the Portland Police Commissioner, Mayor Ted Wheeler, in part of his prepared remarks. [CLICK HERE to open a PDF document of his speech.]

Digging into the official City of Portland Budget document – it’s a mind-boggling 588 pages long document – it appears that the PPB will get about $5.2 million of the $7 million earmarked for “public safety”. How does Wheeler propose the money be spent? To see the programs, and dollars allotted to each of them, we urge you to look at the elements of his “Public Safety: Refocus, Reform, Restaff” program chart: CLICK HERE.

Suspect shoots at officers in Hazelwood, after Madison South traffic stop

This landmark corner, NE Halsey Street and 102nd Avenue, is closed off after a suspect fires shots at officers, forcing them to duck for cover.

Not long after the sun set on the rainy Saturday evening of November 13, at 5:26 p.m., PPB officers signaled to a car, with a wanted criminal suspect inside, to pull over along NE Halsey Street, near 92nd Avenue, just west of the I-205 freeway overpass in the Madison South neighborhood.

The suspect in the vehicle eluded officers by driving eastbound on NE Halsey Street, making a temporary getaway – until the fleeing vehicle ran over “spike strips” placed in the car’s path, deflating its tires just north of the Gateway Shopping Center.

Here looking east along NE Halsey Street, we see yellow evidence markers designating spent bullet casings – evidence of the shots aimed at officers.

With tires flattened and flopping, the vehicle came to a stop near NE 103rd Avenue. “At least two occupants – a male and a female – jumped out and ran; and, as the suspects ran, officers heard shots fired,” said PPB Public Information Officer Sergeant Kevin Allen, adding that no officers were injured.

Officers from nearly all East Portland districts responded to the radio call for “backup”, and eventually 56 police cruisers had pulled up in the area, and officers started out setting up a containment area.

An officer carefully checks an assigned area in the neighborhood, looking for suspects or evidence.

The dragnet perimeter ran from NE 102nd Avenue to 108th Avenue; and from NE Halsey Street north, into the Parkrose Heights neighborhood, to Glisan Street.

Meantime, PPB command staff called out the PPB Special Emergency Reaction Team (SERT) and the Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT), to help with a block-by-block search for the suspects.

ECST detectives discuss some of the evidence they’ve located at the scene of the shooting.

Investigators say that perhaps the bullet shot from this shell was the one that pierced the mirror housing of a patrol car. PPB images

While many officers were looking for the suspects, PPB Forensics Division “crime scene investigators” and Enhanced Community Safety Team (ECST) investigators focused on the area of the shooting, and located multiple spent bullet casings.

“The investigation revealed that at least one bullet struck a Portland Police vehicle, damaging the passenger side rear view mirror,” Sgt. Allen revealed. “Again, no officers were wounded, and no officers discharged a weapon.”

On into the evening, the investigation continues.

Just after 9 p.m., the search for the suspects had been unsuccessfully concluded. “They were not located, and are no longer believed to be in the area,” Sgt. Allen conceded.

UPDATE: Shooting suspects identified
Just before publishing, late on November 19, investigators revealed the identification of the suspects in this incident.

“PPB Homicide Detectives, with the assistance of the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office obtained an arrest warrant for 27-year-old Christian Daniel Fitz-Henry, for the crime of Attempted Murder in the First Degree and Unlawful Use of a Weapon,” updated Sgt. Allen.

“Fitz-Henry also has an Oregon State Parole Board warrant for his arrest for Robbery in the Second Degree,” he added, noting that Fitz-Henry is a white male, 5’09”, 160 pounds with brown hair, brown eyes, and distinct facial tattoos.

Homicide Detectives are actively looking for these two 27-year-old suspects, Christian Daniel Fitz-Henry (left) and Alicia Marie Misner.

PPB Homicide Detectives also identified 27-year-old Alicia Marie Misner as the driver of the stolen vehicle in which Fitz-Henry was a passenger.

On November 23, members of the US Marshal’s Fugitive Taskforce and the Portland Police Bureau’s Special Emergency Reaction Team located and arrested 27-year-old Christian Daniel Fitz-Henry at a unit in the Gateway Park Apartments, where NE 101st Avenue dead-ends into the complex, just north of NE Glisan Street.

Arrested, and charged with Felony Attempted Murder is Christian Daniel Fitz-Henry. MCDC booking photo

Fitz-Henry was booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center (MCDC) on November 24 at 3:52 a.m. on his warrant for Attempted Murder in the First Degree and Unlawful Use of a Weapon. Currently, Fitz-Henry is lodged in the MCDC in lieu of $255,000 bail.

Also arrested was Alicia Marie Misner/Bruno. MCDC booking photo

At the same time, officers also arrested Alicia Marie Misner, aka Alicia Marie Bruno, at the apartment. Misner/Bruno was booked into the MCDC on November 24 at 2:59 a.m. on the warrant for Possession of a Stolen Motor Vehicle and Attempt to Elude. The bail for Misner/Bruno was sent at $10,000; she is also being held, without bail for Parole Violation.

Anyone with additional information can call Detective Joe Corona at (503)823-0508 or Detective Jennifer Hertzler at (503)823-1040 Reference Case No. 21-318162.

Woman wounded in Lents

Officers respond to a daytime shooting that likely occurred at a homeless camp near the Springwater Trail.

Earlier in the day of the Gateway shooting, PPB East Precinct officers were dispatched at 9:38 a.m. on November 13 for a “Shooting with Weapon” incident near the intersection of SE Foster Road and 110th Avenue.

“This incident was a shooting in which a woman was shot in the arm, likely with a BB gun, causing a minor injury. She was not taken by ambulance to a hospital,” Sgt. Allen told East Portland News. “The suspect left the scene, but officers are still investigating.”

If you have information about this case please e-mail and reference Case No. 21-317787.

Hazelwood apartment shooting brings police

After one person shoots at an apartment door along SE Ash Street, west of 122nd Avenue, officers investigate.

Streets just west of SE 122nd Avenue, in the Hazelwood neighborhood, see more than their share of police calls. On Wednesday afternoon, November 17, 1:59 p.m. a total of nine PPB East Precinct officers responded to this “Shots Fired” call. As of 6:27 p.m., two police units were still at the scene that evening.

“Preliminary information is that there was an argument between known persons,” said Sgt. Allen after researching this incident. “One [person] fired shots into the front door of an apartment during the argument, but no one was injured.

“All parties involved were contacted by officers, but as of this time, no one has been charged,” Sgt. Allen remarked.


As shootings continue in our area of Portland, officers tirelessly arrive to investigate.

Again this week, PPB officers were dispatched to one “Shots Fired” call after another in outer East Portland, 42 of them in all. Keep in mind that more officers are also sent on almost an equal number of calls, outside of our area! At many of these incidents, officers didn’t find evidence of shots having actually been fired.

November 11
21-315526       11/11/2021 02:10:04   3800 Block of NE 82ND AVE
21-315893       11/11/2021 11:39:53   17200 Block of SE NAEGELI DR
21-315993       11/11/2021 13:48:58   7500 Block of NE PACIFIC ST
21-316254       11/11/2021 19:04:12   SE 89TH AVE / SE WOODSTOCK BLVD
21-316260       11/11/2021 19:10:08   4000 Block of NE 130TH PL
21-316298       11/11/2021 20:02:15   900 Block of SE 174TH AVE
21-316448       11/11/2021 23:06:33   SE 77TH AVE / SE POWELL BLVD

November 12
21-316512       11/12/2021 00:35:27   8400 Block of SE LAMBERT ST
21-317046       11/12/2021 15:37:21   NB I205 FWY SO / SE POWELL BLVD
21-317190       11/12/2021 18:26:21   100 Block of SE 160TH AVE
21-047553       11/12/2021 18:47:58   SE 179TH AVE / SE DIVISION ST
21-317305       11/12/2021 20:56:53   NE 112TH AVE / NE BEECH ST

November 13
21-317472       11/13/2021 00:28:04   12500 Block of SE BOISE ST
21-317525       11/13/2021 01:44:28   NE GLISAN ST / NE 130TH PL
21-317566       11/13/2021 02:56:23   5900 Block of SE DIVISION ST
21-317609       11/13/2021 04:21:26   SE CLINTON ST / SE 120TH AVE
21-317622       11/13/2021 04:49:22   6800 Block of NE KILLINGSWORTH ST
21-317691       11/13/2021 07:21:02   7000 Block of SE DEARDORFF RD
21-317829       11/13/2021 10:28:50   1900 Block of NE 73RD AVE
21-318072       11/13/2021 15:37:39   SE DIVISION ST / SE 96TH DR
21-318078       11/13/2021 15:49:07   NE 122ND AVE / NE HALSEY ST
21-318136       11/13/2021 16:52:04   9300 Block of SE STEELE ST

November 14 [Plus, 23 calls outside outer East Portland]
21-318635       11/14/2021 05:57:36   5500 Block of SE 72ND AVE
21-318985       11/14/2021 13:53:49   SE 102ND AVE / SE STARK ST
21-319234       11/14/2021 19:12:42   12100 Block of SE BROOKSIDE DR
21-057194       11/14/2021 22:57:32   SE CIRCLE AVE/SE JENNE RD
21-319997       11/15/2021 14:32:29   8200 Block of NE GLISAN ST

November 15  [Plus, 16 calls outside outer East Portland]
21-319997       11/15/2021 14:32:29   8200 Block of NE GLISAN ST
21-047923       11/15/2021 20:16:05   1200 Block of NE 162ND AVE
21-320415       11/15/2021 23:25:23   12600 Block of SE POWELL BLVD

November 16
21-320471       11/16/2021 01:06:58   NE 112TH AVE / NE FREMONT ST
21-320480       11/16/2021 01:18:27   3600 Block of NE 114TH AVE
21-320555       11/16/2021 04:43:13   3200 Block of SE 136TH AVE
21-048054       11/16/2021 16:51:57   16600 Block of NE RUSSELL ST
21-321291       11/16/2021 19:13:02   NE 127TH AVE / NE RUSSELL ST
21-321300       11/16/2021 19:19:20   NE 112TH AVE / NE BEECH ST
21-321304       11/16/2021 19:20:54   SE 138TH AVE / SE CLINTON CT
21-321449       11/16/2021 23:26:20   5800 Block of SE 111TH AVE

November 17
21-321597       11/17/2021 04:47:25   400 Block of SE 111TH AVE
21-322060       11/17/2021 13:47:28   NE 81ST AVE / NE FLANDERS ST
21-322070       11/17/2021 13:59:26   12000 Block of SE ASH ST
21-322383       11/17/2021 20:57:17   2000 Block of NE 102ND AVE
21-322387       11/17/2021 21:05:05   3700 Block of NE 142ND AVE

November 18
21-322629       11/18/2021 04:35:57   8200 Block of SE 86TH AVE
21-048280       11/18/2021 12:49:31   2200 Block of NE 169TH AVE

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now that armed criminals apparently feel emboldened to shoot at officers on major outer East Portland streets, one can only hope that Mayor Wheeler’s  Public Safety: Refocus, Reform, Restaff plan will also help discourage gunmen from shooting at law enforcement personnel, as well as the residents of East Portland.

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