Odd crash bumps truck into building

If you’re wondering why the former “Trillium Artisans” building in Lents is suddenly boarded up – here’s the answer …

How these vehicles tangled remains unclear; the mishap resulted in a truck smashing into a storefront in Lents Town Center.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Because the SE Foster Road couplet in Lents Town Center carries only westbound traffic, accidents along this part of the road are rare.

But, when a call came in regarding a two-vehicle crash at 9121 SE Foster Road, which is the vacated “Trillium Artisans” storefront on about 7:20 p.m. on March 22, we thought it was worth a look.

District officers discuss their findings with a Traffic Division police officer at the scene.

The result of the incident was clear: a blue/white Chevy pickup truck had plowed into the building, caving in the masonry and damaging the window about midpoint in the store.

It appeared as if it had come in contact with a Blue Scion TC – skid marks trailing from that vehicle appeared as if it came northbound across the lanes and ran into the pickup truck, causing the truck to swerve into the building.

Tire marks and spilled automotive fluids trail from one the vehicles involved in this accident.

Why this accident took place remains a mystery. No witnesses were available for comment.

No ambulances responded to the incident. Police radio communications suggested one of the drivers might have been impaired.

Hoping to get the facts, we checked with Portland Police Bureau Public Information Officer Sgt. Peter Simpson. But there was little to tell.

“There’s no indication of an arrest or DUII,” Simpson told East Portland News. “But both vehicles had to be towed.” So, we’re left with these photos, some unanswered questions, and a boarded-up building in Lents.

After the vehicles were towed, the storefront was boarded up.

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