Neighbors learn ‘trash basics’ in Powellhurst-Gilbert

Here’s why many outer East Portland volunteers gathered at a park to do more than pick up street refuse ...

Folks from all over the city come to the Powellhurst-Gilbert neighborhood, to learn about the SOLVE “Keep It Pretty Rose City” program, in Ed Benedict Park.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

It wasn’t only residents of the Powellhurst-Gilbert neighborhood who gathered in Ed Benedict Park on Saturday morning, October 24, ready to pick up trash.

They were joined by others who had expressed an interest in learning about a unique program by the nonprofit “SOLVE Oregon”.

Explaining SOLVE’s “Keep It Pretty, Rose City” is the program’s coordinator, Dan Daly.

“In addition to having a ‘street and park clean-up event’, we’re teaching people how to safely and effectively bring people together under COVID-19 pandemic conditions – in an outdoor event that is socially connected, positive for the community, and also has the ecological benefits of getting toxic trash off of the land,” explained SOLVE “Keep It Pretty, Rose City” Program Coordinator, Dan Daly.

Ready to “rock some trash”, as they say, are long-time leaders of the Powellhurst-Gilbert Neighborhood Association, Timothy Crowley and Richard Dickinson.

“The ‘Keep It Pretty, Rose City’ program is funded by the City of Portland Mayor’s Office to – as we say – ‘support and empower volunteers to take care of their own community’. Specifically, with cleanups in neighborhoods, business districts, parks, and natural areas all across the Portland region,” Daly told East Portland News.

“People can see that there is a lot of litter in Portland right now, making this an important time for everyone to do something,” said Daly. “If you can do something, let’s come together, and work together [to do it].”

“I just love getting involved with neighborhood associations that are doing good things like this for our community,” says Oregon State Representative Jeff Reardon (D) District 48, fully prepared to pick up trash.

Looking around at the two dozen the folks gathering in the park, Daly commented, “It’s been really inspiring to see how many people are coming out right now to these events — to take care of the places in which they live.”

>> To learn more about SOLVE’s “Keep It Pretty Rose City” program, see their webpage: CLICK HERE.

Out into the neighborhood they go; this group picks up litter along SE Powell Boulevard.

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