NAYA hosts ‘Street Mural’ party in Lents

There was more than pavement-painting going on at this outer East Portland event. Take a look

Many people take a turn, painting SE Steele Street in the Lents neighborhood.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

Many families turned out to enjoy a beautiful summer day, to celebrate community, and create the “Art Intersection Project” on July 13. The event took place near the NAYA Generations housing complex, near SE Steele Street and 86th Court.

Supported by The City Repair ProjectVillage Building Convergence, the Portland Bureau of Transportation, the Lents Youth Initiative, the Lents Strong Housing Team, and the Collins Foundation, some 120 people participated in the street painting and celebration.

Facilitator Rodolfo Redstone Serna, mentee and assistant Eli Bravehawk, and Andres Serna – Rodolfo’s son – take a break while the project is underway.

“For about a year, residents from NAYA Generations got together regularly to plan this out, including the imagery that composes the street mural,” said artist facilitator, Rodolfo Redstone Serna. “The artwork was the idea of their committee. I helped them put it together as a unified mural. Serna told East Portland News.

“A big part of this multicultural art is paying respect to the diversity of the those living here; even though it was originally intended for Native American folks, there is a rich fusion of cultures here,” Serna told East Portland News. “So, the art looks at different parts of the world, recognizing that our community, here, is diverse.”

Volunteers and visitors take in the street fair, set up along side the mural.

Starting at the north side looking south, Serna pointed out that when one first comes upon it, there are in the illustration musicians, from different parts of the world. Moving up the mural there are also flowers from around the world.

“In the middle is a giant turtle, featuring a design seen in architecture from different parts of the world,” Serna said. “Then, at the top, is the eagle which represents ideas created by the committee.”

Dull pavement comes alive with vivid colors, as the “Art Intersection Project” moves along.

After nine hours of painting – with a dozen pizzas consumed and gallons of water drunk to keep volunteers hydrated – the artwork was complete.

Drive by, and admire their work!

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