‘National Public Garden Day’ brings new visitors to Leach Garden

If you need another reason to discover Leach Botanical Garden, see what visitors from all over Portland took in, when they stopped by …


Visitors from all over Portland come to discover the natural beauty of Leach Botanical Garden during “National Public Garden Day”.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Usually, Leach Botanical Garden – located in outer East Portland’s Powellhurst-Gilbert Neighborhood — is rather quiet, on even a beautiful Friday, as was May 11th.

But, it being “National Public Garden Day”, this mid-County natural gem saw a pronounced uptick in visitors – most of whom said they came from other parts of the City.

Angela and Nicholas Kockler come to enjoy an afternoon at the garden. “We heard about it from a friend; we never knew about it,” Nicholas says.

Because of the special day, the park extended its hours – giving guests plenty of time to enjoy a stroll along the Garden’s pathways, and to take a peek inside the Stone Cabin.

And, those who ventured by the Stone Cabin were treated to stories about the Garden’s colorful founders, John and Lilla Leach. Others took advantage of Garden Curator Courtney Vengarick’s guided tours.

Telling guests of future expansion plans is Friends of Leach Garden board member Amy Miller Dowell.

Inside the Manor House, Friends of Leach Garden board member Amy Miller Dowell revealed to guests the plans for expansion.

“We’re showing some options,” Miller Dowell told East Portland News. “We are creating a design for the ‘upper garden’ area, for expansion of our collection. We’re also showing designs for a better entrance into the garden, allowing neighbors and visitors to park and come in more easily.”

By evening, more than 100 visitors had visited the park.

On the path to the Stone Cabin, Hanni, Janet and Jesse Darwich from Northwest Portland take a stroll, as they discover the park.

Learn more about Leach Botanical Garden, and the many classes and events offered there – as well as their future expansion plans – by visiting their website: CLICK HERE.

Leach Botanical Garden is at 6704 SE 122nd Avenue, down the twisty road, south of SE Foster Road.

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