Multnomah County Sheriff introduces new patrol car

No more “blend-into-the-scenery-green” for the snappy new Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office vehicles. Discover what else is different – more than just the paint job …

There’s not a “new sheriff in town” – but this is Multnomah County Sheriff Dan Staton, says he’s proud to introduce their new patrol cars.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
It’s more than a new paint job, explains Multnomah County Sheriff Dan Staton: “It’s a whole new car; the future of our patrol vehicles.”

Staton gave East Portland News a first-hand look at the new Chevrolet Caprice model – chosen, he said, after researching several vehicles. “The Chevy Caprice outscored other vehicles under consideration, in tests done by LA County and the Michigan State Police. Fully equipped, it also has slightly better gas mileage than our current vehicles.”

The cost is about the same as the cars they’ve been using, Staton says. But, by ordering the specially-equipped police models in a stock color, rather than the “special MCSO green”, they will save $750 per vehicle.

With these markings, and an updated MCSO logo, the new cars will be clearly identifiable.

Deputies from the MCSO Patrol units submitted several suggestions and ideas. Deputy Noah Livermore designed and proposed the new logo, which was tweaked to its final design, and approved by the Sheriff.
The new vehicles are white in color, and the design logo appearing across the door side-panels puts “Multnomah County” across the top, with a larger “Sheriff” appearing in shifting color underneath, making the new patrol cars very easy to distinguish.

This new generation of MCSO patrol cars provides both high performance and reduced exhaust emissions.

The new MCSO patrol cars will be phased in through their replacement schedule. “Eventually all of our vehicles will have the new color and design scheme,” says Staton. “As Sheriff’s Office vehicles are rotated out of service, their radios, computers, and light bars will outfit the incoming Chevy Caprices.”

The new paint job in these powerful new patrol cars isn’t simply “change for change’s sake” adds Staton. “It will make it easier for people in the community to know that their County public safety representatives are in the community. And at night, the cars will be much easier to see – that’s especially important when making traffic stops.”

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