Mt. Scott event put kids in Easter egg-xtasy

Here’s an event that shows how volunteers help put smiles of faces of youngsters here in outer East Portland …

Dean Hanson, Tom Vice and Jenny Batty, all volunteers from Lifehouse Church, along with 40 other East Portland neighborhood volunteers, about to hold an Easter Egg Hunt at Mt. Scott Park.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Egg-citement runs high as hundreds of kids await the eggs-hilaration of gathering some of hundreds of chocolate and toy-filled Easter eggs scattered about Mt. Scott parks on April 23.

For the first time, an Easter Egg Hunt is also scheduled at Mt. Scott Park – and hundreds of families listen to their MC, Tom Vice with Lifehouse Church, count the minutes to their dash for the eggs.

The Easter Bunny hopped over to the celebration to say hello.

The Mt. Scott Park Easter egg hunt’s MC, Tom Vice, counts down the seconds until Easter Egg Hunt time.

“We’ve moved to Mt. Scott Park,” Vice says, “because this is a joint effort of the Woodstock and Mt. Scott neighborhood associations, with major sponsorship of the Woodstock Community Business Association.”

In two areas are distributed 3,012 eggs containing trinkets, candy or stickers. “We’ve also spread out a couple thousand wrapped chocolate eggs. With this bigger event, we’re thankful for the turnout of more than 40 volunteers who helped put this together,” Vice points out.

Families race to start gathering their candy and prizes.

Little Penelope Swan finds more candy eggs than she can carry.

The volunteers smile kids, young and older, dash for the prizes and candy. “Events like these remind us all of the importance of community,” observes Vice. “It’s a beautiful way to bring people together on a fantastic spring weekend, and help them connect with their neighborhood associations and with one another.”

In minutes, all of the goodies are “Hoovered” up by eager little hands. Parents help their kids check their plastic eggs for prizes before recycling them for next year.

Other sponsors for the event include Pappaccino’s, Starbucks at SE  39th and Holgate Blvd. and Space Monkey Coffee.

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