Moreland Farmer’s Market to “test” a pre-Thanksgiving bazaar

One by one, we sadly bid farewell to East Portland markets. In addition to a photo of the cutest kid enjoying an ear of corn, see why – and when – this market will reopen in November …

Will Clem and enjoys a freshly steamed ear of corn on the closing day of the Moreland Farmers Market.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
There was a good-sized crowd of shoppers at the Moreland Farmer’s Market on September 24 – the last day of its regular season. Rain-filled clouds moved overhead, and reminded shoppers that they are Oregonians, as a shower sent them scurrying undercover.

That didn’t stop market volunteers from dispensing cups of fresh-pressed apple cider and hot, steaming ears of corn-on-the-cob.

Looks back on a ‘great year’
It wasn’t long until we spotted the market’s manager, Laura Wendel, helping customers.

“Our market is year was great, just great,” Wendel said with a smile. “Our attendance increased from about 1,200 to about 1,500 customers in each market day; we saw as many as 1,800 on some Wednesdays.”

It looked as if all vendor stalls were full. “We’ve had pretty much the same 30 fantastic vendors, week to week,” Wendel reported. “The best thing about our market this year is the amazing variety and quality of the product. That’s what keeps bringing customers back.”

Moreland Farmers Market manager Laura Wendel says she’s pleased by the increased number of shoppers and vendors this season.

Volunteers credited for success
Wendel commented that she was pleased at how well the community has accepted and supported the market.

“And, we have a great team of volunteers, without whom we cannot do this. And, we really appreciate that Wilhelm’s Funeral Home continues to let us use their parking lot – it’s a wonderful location.”

During their “off season”, she said, the volunteers work on plans for the next year’s markets and write grant proposals.  “We look forward to being back in the mid May, for another 20-week season.”

Inner Southeast Portland residents scramble for greens, as farmers lay out their vegetables for almost the last time this season. But wait! They’ll open again on November 25 …

One-day-only November market
The market will hold a pre-Thanksgiving market on November 25, announced Wendel. “Note that this is a TUESDAY, not a Wednesday. It will be open from 3 p.m. until 7 p.m., right here in this same spot. We’re hoping to find a big tent or some type of cover for the event.”

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