Montavilla Market brandishes with bounty

Find out how well the Montavilla Farmers Market is doing, and what’s coming up later this summer …

Shoppers bike, walk, and drive to the Montavilla Farmers Market in outer East Portland.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

From their grand opening in 2007 [CLICK HERE to read about it], the Montavilla Farmers Market has been a welcome addition to the community.

While this season got off to a slow start for farmers, due to our cold and excessively rainy spring, the market has sprung back to life during these hot summer months, according to Market Manager Amanda Cross.

Jesse Hayes, of Hayes Oyster Company, whose family planted the oysters on the Oregon coast in 1928, here spends a moment with Montavilla Farmers Market Manager Amanda Cross.

“But now that everyone’s up to speed, everyone’s here – and there is just so much at the market the summer; our vendors have everything!” exclaimed Cross.

“We have fruits; we have tomatoes, squash, summer saw squash, beans – it’s a beautiful time to be here at the market with our full complement of 40 vendors,” Cross told East Portland News. “Not only do we have all the great fresh fruits and vegetables, we also have oysters, interesting prepared foods, herbs to help you if you’re feeling stressed out, both fresh and prepared meat products – one can fill up their market basket this time of year by shopping at our market!”

Chris Fulton of Baird Family Orchards offers samples of delicious Sierra Rich peaches.

Typically, some 1,600 shoppers visit each market, the manager said.

“This weekly turnout really means a lot to our vendors – when shoppers come out, no matter what the weather, shop here, and support these farmers,” Cross said. “In doing so, they’re supporting the local economy; and, our shoppers are rewarded by getting their freshest and best food from local providers.”

A shoppers fill their market baskets while visiting Montavilla Farmers Market.

“Please remind your readers that we’ll be holding fun ‘Kids Cooking’ class on September 24, and again on our last weekly market of the year on October 29,” requested Cross.

Visit the Montavilla Farmers Market on Sundays, from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. It’s located in the 7600 Block of SE Stark Street, just west of the Academy Theater, and across the street from Mr. Plywood.

For more information, to learn about volunteer opportunities, to see their “Dog Friendly” policy, or to look at the astounding variety of vendors there this week, see their official website: CLICK HERE.

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