Montavilla Food Co-op reports membership growth

Find out how things ‘stacked up’ at their annual Pancake Breakfast …

Julie Rush greets arrivers at the front desk during the Montavilla Food Co-op Pancake Breakfast.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

The fun and friendly annual fundraiser, held by members of the Montavilla Food Co-op, is also their tastiest event of the year.

Held again this year on June 3 at Montavilla United Methodist Church, established members, guests, and those who’d just joined the organization all arrived to find a delicious brunch awaiting them.

Montavilla Food Co-op Board President Amanda Lamb spends a moment with the perennial hostess of the breakfast, volunteer Anastasia Sofranac.

As guests carried plates laden with delicious food to their tables, Montavilla Food Co-op Board President Amanda Lamb talked about breakfast and the organization. “This, our seventh annual pancake breakfast, is a community engagement event, a membership recruitment event, and a fun way to bring the community together,” she said. “We’ve been busy the whole morning; since we started 8:00 a.m. we’ve had a constant stream of people here dining with us.”

Because of the many donors, the tables were laden with breakfast fare. “Laurelhurst Meats provided sausage and bacon; we get eggs from a local farmer; we get fresh fruit and vegetables; and are cooking up gluten-free pancakes, regular pancakes, egg bakes, vegan sausage – we’ve got the works here,” Lamb pointed out.

Pancake chef and volunteer Erin Lambert keeps flipping flapjacks for hungry diners.

Some 15 member-volunteers were busy welcoming guests, cooking in the kitchen, and keeping the buffet stocked – as guests enjoyed a leisurely meal.

“Our membership continues to steadily grow; and, at the same time, we do need to pick up that pace of growth over the summer,” observed Lamb.

Serving themselves from the buffet are John Savoie and Adam Payn.

“We’re at about 575 members, and we’d like to have between 700 and 750 members before we start looking for a physical site – so, we’re getting really close to that goal, making this exciting times for us,” said Lamb.

What people should know about the food co-op, Lamb explained, is “it’s about building community, and building community wealth. It’s about neighbors coming together to own a small business, for which they help set the direction.”

Longtime supporters and brand new members enjoy the pancake breakfast, knowing they’re helping build the Montavilla Food Co-op.

“In the co-op, the neighbor owners can say that they prioritize the environment over profit, or good-paying jobs over profit,” Lamb went on. “We can value community benefit over the benefit of distant owners.”

To learn more, or to join, see them at the Montavilla Farmers Market most Sundays, at the Montavilla Street Fair, or at their website: CLICK HERE.

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