Montavilla Farmers Market’s season continues to flourish

Here’s our “Mid-Season Report” on this great outer East Portland farmers market. And hey! Learn all about their September 5th “Tomato Sunday” …

In mid-season, at the Montavilla Farmers Market, and helping shoppers from the Mt. Tabor neighborhood – Jane Sage and Tom Olbrich – we encountered sisters Sam Mosher and Lily Mosher of Crooked Furrow Farms in Corvallis, Oregon serving them.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

Since it opened for the first time in 2007 – yes, East Portland News was there; CLICK HERE to see our story then about their inaugural day – the Montavilla Farmers Market (MFM) has consistently attracted outer East Portland neighbors.

Now in its 14th season, MFM is a burgeoning success. To view our “Video Vignette” showing the opening day of the 2021 season, CLICK HERE.

MFM Market Manger Lisa Hall spends a moment with a new vendor, Scott Nadel, of Vital Earth Farms CBD Products.

“Indeed, the season has been going really well,” said MFM Market Manager Lisa Hall a couple of weeks ago. “This is great, because we’re in our peak produce season. We have abundant fresh fruits and vegetables at all of our farm stands – and, as usual, neighbors are coming out and buying them!”

When they smell them cooking, shoppers “go nuts” about 29 Kettle Confectionery products – vended on this day by Vivienne King and Roustam Kalbiev.

Since the property owners razed Beet’s Auto Body Shop, in the resulting expanded space, the MFM typically hosts as many as 55 vendors on the lot every Sunday.

“Shoppers are finding fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, bakery goods, prepared hot foods, artisan products, alcohol beverages – and oh yes, prepared, ready-to-eat foods,” Hall adroitly listed, all in one breath.

The scent of fresh Mexican food served by Mixteca, including tamales like the ones Pedro Felipe shows, draw shoppers to their stand.

Tomato Sunday” September 5
“We’re also doing a big promotion, on September 5, with the FILL YOUR PANTRY organization – in which we’re encouraging people to buy tomatoes in bulk,” Hall informed. “This is the day for people who are into canning, freezing, drying or otherwise preserving the abundance of summer, to come and shop.”

What time of day is the best to shop?

“People who come see us at our ‘opening bell’ have more selection; but, it gets really crowded,” responded Hall. “So, if a person is willing to stand in lines, to have their choice of the different varieties that may be available, come early!

“Later in the market, there is a little more time to talk with the farmers and the vendors about their produce and products – we have great food in the market throughout, the whole four hours we’re open,” Hall pointed out.”

Folks look forward to seeing “the man” of Fulton Family Farms, Chris Fulton, as he entices them with samples of amazing Elegant Lady peaches, fresh from their orchard.

Visit the Montavilla Farmers Market

COVID-19 Restrictions: You must wear a mask; only limited product touching.
Open: Sundays, from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m., through November 21.
Location: The gravel lot in the 7700 block of SE Stark Street – across the street from Mr. Plywood.

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