Montavilla car wreck damages building

See how this two-vehicle collision in outer East Portland put cracks the concrete-block wall of a commercial structure…

After two Honda SUVs crash at this Montavilla intersection, one careens into this building.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton

After two Honda SUVs collided on SE Stark Street at 78th Avenue about 6:45 p.m. on Sunday, May 21, responding Portland Fire & Rescue (PF&R) crews weren’t needed to tend to any injured victims – but they carefully inspected the building on the southwest corner of the intersection for structural damage.

“Look at that new crack, running between the two windows, near where the truck hit it,” said a firefighter with PF&R Burnside Station 19.

The impact of the Honda CRV into the building leaves cracks in the concrete wall.

There were no injuries in the wreck, a firefighter/paramedic told East Portland News, but the two vehicles were clearly damaged.

A witness, who said he was walking to his car after watching a movie at the Academy Theater, remarked that a red Honda Element had been southbound on SE 78th Avenue, crossing Stark Street, when it was hit broadside by a Silver Honda CRV.

This Honda Element is damaged and not drivable after being hit broadside while crossing busy SE Stark Street.

The Element was spun 90? to the west; the CRV veered off the road, up the curb, and across the lawn – and smacked into the building. The driver of the CRV was able to back off the property afterward, and parked his damaged vehicle on the street.

A Police officer at the scene said it was likely that no citations would be issued, and suggested that perhaps the low angle of the setting sun, shining in the eyes of the CRV’s driver, may have contributed to the mishap.

An inspection of the circa 1922 building showed that it remained structurally sound, albeit damaged.

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