Milwaukie cops bust accused outer East Portland lumber thief in Lents

See where one of this suspected partners-in-crime’s flight ended – and, why officials say they’re glad this alleged fugitive parole-violating, methamphetamine-carrying thief is now off the streets …

This is where this story ends: After a seven-minute pursuit through both inner and outer East Portland, one suspect in a jumbo-sized truck-and-lumber theft was stopped here, at SE 82nd Avenue of Roses and SE Foster Road.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
It took a month’s worth of detective work, but Milwaukie Police finally nabbed two men they accuse of a lumber-yard theft, and put them behind bars.

“We’re glad to have these suspects in custody,” said Milwaukie Police Department’s spokesperson, Officer Ulli Neitch, when filling us in on a story that began in the early morning hours of March 21st – at the Pacific Lumber yard in Lake Oswego.

Nocturnal crime spree spans Willamette River
Two crooks broke in and stole power tools worth $1,500. “The suspects stole a large truck with a flatbed trailer from inside the security fence of the lumber company,” Neitch related.
The suspects then drove the stolen truck and trailer to Milwaukie, cut the gate lock at the Milwaukie Lumber yard on SE Main Street, and drove on in, Neitch continued. Taking “self service” to a new level, the suspects forced the ignition on a forklift, and used it to load the stolen truck and trailer with three pallets of wood-siding products valued at $9,500.

At this house in the Centennial neighborhood, detectives say they recovered thousand of dollars in stolen property – and arrested one of the suspects.

Outer East Portland connection
“Within two days of the thefts, Milwaukie Police Detectives discovered that some of the stolen property was being listed for sale on the Internet site ‘Craigslist’,” stated Neitch. “Working undercover, the detectives set up a buy of the stolen property at 1010 SE 148th Avenue in Portland. The detectives recovered $6,000 of the stolen property, and arrested 52 year old Michael Dean Summers for an outstanding parole violation.”

While police say they’re holding this man, Michael Dean Summers for parole violation, they say more charges may be leveled against him.

Who’d guess detectives would say they found stolen property at this Wilkes neighborhood home?

The investigation then led detectives to additional stolen property in the far northeast corner of outer East Portland, in the Wilkes neighborhood at 3004 NE 160th Drive, revealed Neitch. “A second suspect, 44 year old Zane Grey Macziewski, was identified. He was also wanted on an outstanding warrant from the State of Washington.”

A Milwaukie Police Department officer checks over the car driven by the alleged thief, who in addition was later found to be wanted on a fugitive warrant in Washington State.

Flees from Johnson Creek area
Working with other law enforcement agencies, Milwaukie Police detectives learned that Macziewski was visiting a home in the Ardenwald/Johnson Creek area.

“An officer spotted Macziewski’s car leaving the residence on April 20th,” Neitch told us, in an exclusive interview. “It appeared as if he saw the police car, and tried to avoid being stopped. Fearing for safety of the children at Ardenwald Elementary School, the officer didn’t turn on the car’s emergency signals until after they passed the school.”

In a brief, but occasionally high-speed, pursuit, Macziewski reportedly went from SE Roswell Street to SE 42nd Avenue, to Johnson Creek Boulevard, and into Portland. Taking side streets, the fleeing suspect’s maroon vehicle headed north on 60th Avenue, then east on SE Duke Street. It then cut south onto SE 92nd Avenue to SE Flavel Street – then up to the top of Mt. Scott, and back down – heading north on SE 112th Avenue, until the driver headed west on SE Foster Road.

Joined by Portland Police Bureau and Lake Oswego Police Department detectives, officers search the trunk of the fleeing suspect’s vehicle. In addition to other items, officers say they also found his stash of methamphetamine.

“The car took the corner from westbound SE Foster Road to northbound SE 82nd Avenue of Roses too fast, and spun out,” Neitch described. “Using the push-bumper of the patrol car, a Milwaukie police officer successfully stopped the suspect vehicle near the entrance of the Wells Fargo Bank’s parking lot. Other patrol cars were then able to surround the suspect vehicle, preventing it from moving. Portland Police assisted in taking Mr. Macziewski into custody.”

Zane Gray Macziewski was arrested on a Washington State fugitive warrant, a parole detainer warrant, Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle, two counts of Theft I, and Possession of a Controlled Substance: Methamphetamine. Macziewski is in the Clackamas County Jail on 100,000 bail, according to jail records.

It was this man, Zane Gray Macziewski, that police say blew past schools in side streets – then up and down Mt. Scott – in an unsuccessful attempt to ditch officers.

Michael Dean Summers also remains in custody – but in the Multnomah County Jail. “A list of similar criminal charges is pending against Mike Summers,” Neitch said.

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